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Thread: The welcome thread!

The welcome thread!

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm 28 and in the UK. I'm very late to the Closed Beta party because I was a little nervous about joining in. I haven't played many online multiplayer games before. But curiosity won in the end and I'm currently sitting here, waiting for the game to finish installing.

    I'm a big fan of the Legacy of Kain series. I remember seeing an advert for the original Blood Omen, but I was very young and therefore forbidden to play such a gruesome game by worried parents, which just made me all the more interested! I eventually got my hands on Soul Reaver and was hooked. I'm looking forward to giving Nosgoth a try now.

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    Hiiiiii !

    < the new one

    thes game make my day !

    but am still w8ing for a key so ... yah

    but its nice to know ther some one ... just ty for thes game

    cya <3

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    Oct 2014

    I'm new here! . I've just got a key in mmobomb, and I'm trying to download the game xD (someone could help me? xD)

    I hope enjoy this game, looks fun and different. The kind of game that you play because the machanics.

    See you!
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    New here, I hope you all have fun and that the community stays clean and friendly.

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    Bought the Immortal Pack and I'm waiting for 24th to unpack my new gampad just to play this game .

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    Hello from Russia ) Nosgoth have a real potential. Many need to work, but for now that game is already great, so - Nice work, guys.

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    Played Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver and Ive been hooked since. Im playing from Colorado USA, home of the best marijuana in the world.

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    Hi! I've been a fan of the Soulreaver and Legacy of Kain games and became interested in this one when I heard it was taking place in the same universe. I enjoy pvp games and this one has been great so far. Looking forward to its official release. See you all in game!

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    Great team of devs here... Thanks all!

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    Dec 2014
    Hello all My Names Sam and i am very new to the legacy of kain series and loving Nosgoth so far. I hail from the UK and i am currently studying sound engineering & design and hoping to go into game development at some point. I am looking for EU players roughly around my time zone if your interested hit me up
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    Yo! I've been playing the game since the Summer, and I've been active on the community hub and subreddit, but I figure I should start hanging around here more too!

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    Remove the Lobbies! Move the banners to the death screens!
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    this is long overdue I think? Hi ALL LOK and new comer fans alike. I post here sometimes but mostly just scroll and read. Im Calypso (in game) and the 694 on here respectively. the numbers stand for the month my mom,sister, and me were born. been a long time LOK fan. I moderate the FB and occasional twitter for Between The Zones, an industrial ambient rock band from France. may or may not have heard of. I also paint and do music. I have a youtube under this same name. but generally hi and a hello fellow legion. happy new year !!

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    I've been playing since around October last year, I streamed a bunch of it during my Extra Life stream, and I've put 222 hours into this game. I'm EU based, stream from time to time under the same name, and my nosgoth/steam name is Shadmed too.

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    Hello all!

    Since the launch of the open beta I've been absolutely hooked to this game! Loving how unique the gameplay is as a whole, really looking forward to the growth of the competitive scene for Nosgoth!

    Total newb to the LoK universe I've been playing catch-up by watching the entirety of the story lines from the series as well as indulging in what seems to be just a sliver of the seemingly endless tomes of lore available for the universe.

    Loving it all so far guys, keep up the awesome work!
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    Just came to say hello ~

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    I'm Edith_Web, and I've been a rather inexperienced fan of the series for... Wow. Eight years!

    Thought for sure that the series would be dead and gone when Eidos was bought out- but was pleasantly surprised to discover just a few weeks ago that a few of my favorite Let's Players on Youtube decided to give this a test-run and now I happily have a steam account!

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    Hearty hails!

    I'm a brand new player here. I only played one match, and while the bruises are healing, I thought I'd come here and say hi. I'm really looking forward to learning to play this game a little better.

    See you soon!

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    Hello, I'm new to the board but not to the gaming series.... loved this series for a long time now... and wondering if they'll ever come out with anything new...that's one of the reasons I'm posting here.. I want to keep up with what's going on. So, thank you for letting me post here, I hope to have a good time and great conversations with all of you...

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    Hi All, BlackHorse23 here, I've posted in the Steam posted here n there, and since ive been putting more n ore hours in Nosgoth I figured i'd poke my head in thread proper, and check the community pulse here. I very much love playing Nosgoth despite its multitude of issues and hoping to play my little part in improving the commnity experience. Cheers.

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    Hello, I am a fan of the series and was very dismissive of Nosgoth when I heard of it.

    However I decided to give it a try yesterday and I was surprised by how fluid the controls were and how enjoyable the combat is. I am reminded of Aliens Vs Predator 2 and the fun I had playing online, it was a great first impression with Nosgoth and I am now encouraging my friends to also join in.

    Thank you for developing a great game and I look forward to seeing it expand and hopefully larger maps and players in future (8v8 etc)

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