Thread: The welcome thread!

The welcome thread!

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    Jun 2014
    hey guys im donnie 30 years old from caen happy i got a beta key thx to square enix , seeya on server

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    Hello idk im new so i quess ill get to know the forums. Really neat game.

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    Jun 2014
    Hello Everyone,

    Just got access today, and I am excited to play this game.

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    Hi everyone
    Just got my key, installing the game right now and I cannot wait to play it!

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    Jun 2014
    Hi y'all,

    been playing vampires in the nosgoth lands since the first blood omen, and dabbled into every entry in the series for at least a few hours.

    Unfortunately I suck big times at multiplayer, so sorry every teammate I'll ever play with, I really try my best, I'm just not good.

    To be honest I mostly say hi to have access to the closed beta thread where there are written guides that I hope would help my game at least a bit.

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    I'm writing this mainly cause I can't send PMs before posting at least two times, so... I am Michael, I've played (but didn't finish) Soul Reaver before, I'm pretty familiar with multiplayer games, yet Nosgoth is something new to me - and I think it's pretty cool. I hope I will be able to provide some user feedback.

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    Hello everyone look forward to this game. Just needing one of those beta keys.

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    Hello! I am new to the whole Nosgoth story and heard about it from a friend whom I played Loadout with, I have played many competitive games and am extremely excited to see where this game takes us all. So far I am very pleased with minors bugs that I'm sure will be fixed in later patches. Great game!

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    Hi, I'm Emnity... and I played stupid amount of time for the past 10days or so that I'm the beta. Gave 4 beta keys to other people, and thinking to buy a bundle to fetch some 10 more to the folks. C'mon keep up with me, we gotta do it, we need to grow, I want to see this game becamo what it should be.

    This is Nosgoth, it's great, it's unique and it's freakin real, people die here
    Have no Fear, Emnity is Here !

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    I shoulda posted last night. This shoulda been my first post. But it wasn't! Oh well. Anyways! Howdy y'all! I'm Playmaker2, but on Steam I'm Maddog8243. Really need to figure out if it's possible to change my name on here. Anyone know?
    Anyways, I'm me! I have a habit of staying up late and playing video games or watching Twitch Livestreams, then waking up late.I'm willing to play with just about anyone, unless you're ugly. I won't play with ugly people.

    That's about it for me!

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    Hey all! Hope to see you all in game. Looks like a great free to play.

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    hello there i need to post twice XD

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    the game is fun i love it

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    Hey all! Game is hard! Looking to get better in the game and see the game develope as time fades.

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    Hey all, Night here! 27 CCNA network engineer by day, gaming/anime geek by night. Grew up with Unreal tournament since 1999 so this game feels RIGHT at home for me. Looking forward to this game!

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    hi my name is puph and you guys are great :3

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    Hi everyone, my name is Chrisp722 I got this game a few weeks ago and am having a lot of fun with it! One of my favorite Twitch streamers, xFats was playing it and I decided to buy it off Steam.

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    Hi everyone

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    So i've read i need to post a couple comments before getting access to some parts of the forum

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    But I don't know, sound weird :S

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    Hello girls'n guys ! I am a french player looking for a good action game. It seems I have found one here. The all will be to find a key to open the door of the closed beta now ... My lockpicks are at home...

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    Hi i'm tom from the UK, got my beta invite today, gonna get myself in game now!

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