Thread: how to solve the movie file corrupted??

how to solve the movie file corrupted??

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    Unhappy how to solve the movie file corrupted??

    in disc 2 i got movie file corrupted. it's called meteosky.avi... anyone got the movie that works??? please send it to me at I got a lot of crashes in this game >.<

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    I have a corrupted movie problem as well it seems... even tho i'm playing it straight from the disk and have tried ripping it to the harddrive. The movie where ur supposed to crash land the Tiny Bronco crashes (ho ho ho *bitter*) the game. Can somebody send me that movie? My email is:

    Help appreciated and thanks in advance!

    PS: I believe the movie name is jairofal.avi
    After dling new defiler pack, the movie doesn't crash my system just by BEING there (i.e. if i see it in windows, it crashes) but i still can't_play_the_damn_thing. The other movies work. I suspect when the game was burned to the cd something went wrong. Does anybody have a working movie?

    2nd edit:

    Seems like it's a problem on my end - got a friend to send me the vid file and it doesn't work when i play it with wmedia player or realone but sorta works with quicktime, albeit with no visuals (hey at least it doesn't crash the player tho). I suppose if it works for your other vid players, just select 'always open with...' the player that works for you. I'm guessin' that in game, ff7 just uses the player of your choosing.

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    ...maybe you guys can send to each other....but don't expect me to send you anything.

    BTW: I'm to only one, who still visits this forum....and still answers. Bet you I visit this dead forum more than Mogg, does.

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    jairofal.avi is the part where u meet Cid and trying to have emergency crash landing with his tiny bronco. use Jenova Game Editor.
    load ur save file, and go to the 'misc' tab and switch it to 'disc 1', then insert disc 1 to play it. it'll automatically help u to replace the corrupted file with other FMVs with similar duration. after u got pass that part, switch it back to 'disc 2'. that should do the trick.