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Thread: Kingdom Hearts HD Remaster

Kingdom Hearts HD Remaster

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    I would love for the Remix/Rememberance rumour to be real. A HD collections would be amazing, honestly.

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    Hopefully instead of so many side games

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    Kingdom Heart Remake

    Hey wanna ask you guys this why don't you make all the kingdom hearts games to ps3 with advance graphic and put in all cut scene like final mix and re chain of memory and put like multiplayer so u can play with everyone elsepans put like birth by sleep and the new one in as well

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    Kingdom Hearts HD Collection Confirmed:

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    Originally Posted by Vitor
    Kingdom Hearts HD Collection Confirmed:
    I was going to say the same thing, but I think he just wants a complete remake like Romancing Saga minstrel song and not a hd/collection upgrade like devil may cry hd collection.

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    is it possible to add Fight and Away to the HD remake for certain bosses i.e. Dragon Malificent?

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    Hi everybody ! I've a question . Do you know if KH 3D will be remastered in HD for Ps3 ??

    Is the only chapter wich I haven't played .

    Answer me please .

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