Thread: Hitman series: Knowlegdebase links + Patches

Hitman series: Knowlegdebase links + Patches

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    Arrow Hitman series: Knowlegdebase links + Patches

    The following is a list of links to official knowledge pages with solutions to common issues for Hitman titles. If one of the solutions listed on the page does not solve your issue, you can use the link at the bottom of the FAQ page to email Customer Support.


    Hitman: Codename 47 - PC

    Hitman 2: Silent Assassin - PS2 , XBOX , GameCube , PC

    Hitman: Contracts - XBOX , PC

    Hitman: Blood Money -
    PC, Xbox, Xbox360, PS2

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    Arrow Patches

    Hitman: Codename 47 Patch v.1.92
    - English Version

    Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
    - English Version

    Hitman: Contracts 1.74 (latest)

    Fix List for Hitman Contracts Build 174
    Crash Fixes:
    · Fixed crash on ATI Radeon 8500, 9000 and 9200 on startup.
    · Fixed crash when Restarting Asylum Aftermath level numerous times
    · Fixed crash when user got shot after reviving HM from slow-mo death sequence.
    · Fixed crash while watching the free agent cut scene on the Lee Hong Assassination level.
    · Fixed crash when user saved whilst highlighting an action (such as Pick lock, jump balcony, Change Clothes, Place sign etc)
    · Fixed Crash with Post-Filter on High: After death sequence inside the manor on Beldingford Manor level, or inside meat plant on Meat King level.
    Graphical Fixes:
    · During and after "free agent" cut scene on Lee Hong Assassination level screen would turn black.
    · With Post-Filter set to High, would cause screen to go almost jet-black on "Hunter and the Hunted" level when user by rooftop location.
    · Post Filter set to High made sniper scope blurry.
    Other Fixes:
    · Unable to fire sniper rifle if 'fire' is set to Right Mouse button
    · 47 could get stuck in the first door on Asylum aftermath level.
    · Loading a save game transported 47 to a different location on Lee Hong level.
    · Credits do not appear at end of game.


    Hitman: Blood Money Patch 1.2 (latest)

    This patch contains fixes to the following issues:
    - Fixes crash when firing weapon on shaderquality medium on FX cards.
    - Fixes lighting issues when running on shaderquality medium FX cards.
    - Added Shadermodel select to GFX Configuration application (if model is unsupported then defaults to High).
    - "SliOverrde" command added to GFX Configuration application. Select this option to turn off autodetection of Sli as EnableSli command is now performed automatically if SLi hardware configuration detected.
    - Soft shadows and hard shadows were incorrectly labelled in the Render Menu.
    - Installs msvcr71.dll in to application directory in case file is missing from system.
    - Removed optimisation where character models were displayed in LOD3 when redrawn after leaving the screen.
    - Smoothed level opening transition with postfilters disabled
    - Fix to the low performance problems that have been experienced on some hardware configurations.
    - After extended play sessions game could crash to desktop when transitioning between levels.
    - Items could become stuck in mid-air if game was saved and then loaded directly after a throwing action.
    - Hitman Logo on Main Menu could disappear at 1280x720 resolution.
    - Screen borders on cutscenes could be displayed badly at certain screen resolutions.
    - Game could crash if menu is invoked on death sequence after a 3 headshot revival has been performed.
    - Game could crash if when loading and saving within certain locations after making changes to render options.
    - Fix to blurring of Weapon Upgrade Icons when running at LOW in render options.
    - Fix for very occasional graphics corruption when using fibre-wire in 1st person and moving camera very quickly.
    - Fix for slightly oversized Red dot scope zoom.
    (important: this patch is only meant for the retail cd/dvd-based release of the game)

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