Thread: Mouse problems

Mouse problems

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    Mouse problems

    Hello everybody
    I've got some problems with the mouse.when I run the game the mouse pointer doesn't point where it has to. I mean, I use my mouse as usual but in the game it points far away from it shows doing the game unplayable.
    Please if somebody knows what I have to do answer my messages

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    have same problem,does anyone have any idea,how to fix this

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    You go to options,then you restore all settings.
    Then you restart the game.
    problem solved.

    Later dude.

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    mouse problems

    i have an invisable mouse, the mouse icon is fixed on the screen and don't move but moving the mouse does light up the menue bars but the mouse icon does not show other than fixed in the middle of the screen.
    i have tried what "CRET" said and restore the three restore buttons but i still have no visable moving mouse when i restart the game.
    really need help as i cant play with no mouse icon.