Thread: well done eidos!

well done eidos!

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    Thumbs Up well done eidos!

    Can i just say (in the hope someone from eidos will see this ) that Jesper Kyd is friggin awesome and i will buy the game and OST as soon as they come out. You guys have done really well over there!

    That reminds me... does anyone know when the OST is coming out?

    thanks guys (FIRST POST!)

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    Jesper Kyd is an amazingly talented artist. I got to meet him at this year's E3 over a cup of coffee. Really nice guy, very down to earth, and an avid gamer. He was also a lot younger than I thought. Anywhoo, I don't know when the official sound track will be released, but check Jeper Kyd's website. It's usually listed there before anywhere else.