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Soundblaster problems

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    Lyril Guest

    Soundblaster problems

    Now that I have finally got good video (ie: fog) in TG/T2 fms I was wondering if anyone had had problems with Creative's Soundblaster Live. I've always used these cards, updating them whenever I've upgraded the computer and never had a problem. Until now.
    I had a reinstall of the 98 partition, then reinstalled all the Thief games. The diagnostics report that the sound card is working normally and all the speakers check out. But when I got to play Thief, either through Darkloader or through the OMs, with hardware & EAX on I can only get 2 speakers to work, and softly. If I turn hardware off I get more volume, but it's a bit distorted. I even reinstalled T2 but it made no difference.

    I don't know why it is playing up now, after all these years. It is the one area I've never had problems with before. I do miss hearing sounds behind Garrett!

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    Remove the CREATIVE applications from your system.

    Reinstall the Creative apps you want to use.

    Make certain that you are not trying to get 5.1 surround etc. Thief does not support this.

    I presume you have the MEDIA PLAYER disabled on all functions except Streaming. And the Creative as the default for everything else.

    I also presume you have the onboard sound disabled, if you have such.

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    Lyril Guest
    Thanks, I'll try that. Is that right about Thief not supporting 5.1 surround sound? I seem to remember hearing things trying to sneak up on me from behind. A few installs ago. I remember showing off me new speakers to someone, using T2.
    Maybe it was wishful thinking!

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    Lyril Guest

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    Thanks again. I now have good sound. It's odd though: when I go to 'test speakers' in Options I get only the front 2 working. But when I'm playing T2 fms there is definitely sound from the two rear ones. I don't know about the sub-woofer, but surround sound seems to be there.
    It makes such a difference to the atmosphere.

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    Glad you got it.

    Creative did support 4 speakers, but 5.1 and 6.1 Surround was not available when TDP came out.

    EAX in Creative did give you a 4 speaker setup, but TDP did not really have that ability. It uses a different algorithym for the "artificial" generation of Behind you.

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    Sound card

    Lyril, there are currently better sound cards out there, if u have the money.

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    Another non-constructive, not helpful post. That's two.