OK peeps. It has been a long time coming. And now, thanks to the very dedicated Moderators of the Eidos Tomb Raider Level Editor Forum we are announcing that there will be an Awards Ceremony for the designers of Tomb Raider Custom Levels.

We at Eidos Interactive and Core Design wish to recognize and show our appreciation for the many people who have expressed their knowledge and creativity - and their love for the one and only Lara Croft - by making fresh, new missions for Lara to raid. These people have invested considerable time and effort using the Tomb Raider Level Editor to make their own cool custom levels for one of the most widely known characters ever created in the world of gaming.

Their devotion is your gain!

And best of all, this Community - the gamers who frequent the Eidos Forums and know a thing or two about what Tomb Raider is all about - you get to decide what Custom Levels are the Greatest of them all! Which ones would Lara be proud to call her own? You tell us.

And now, with a big thanks to Data for the relentless effort (that only an android could manage) put forth to make this a reality, we bring you:

The Tomb Raider Level Editor Forum Custom Level Awards

It has been almost two years since the Tomb Raider Level Editor become available and the world of would-be level creators has grown. The exact amount of custom levels is unknown, however it is well over 600 and growing day by day.

To commemorate all the hard work from the many custom level creators, the Level Editor Forum Moderators have decided that it is about time that the 'very best' of level creators were rewarded for their time and effort.

The Format for these awards will be conducted via a voting system of 100 pre-determined levels that will be produced from the top 100 levels as reviewed at Michael Pragers review site.

There will be five categories, three of which will be types of levels, and the other two; 'Ancillary items'(wads, objects, textures and Lara croft costume design etc.) and 'Third party Tools' respectively.

Prizes will be awarded for the five 1st placed of each category and five runners up prizes for second placed of each category. They will consist of a copy of 'Tomb Raider - The Angel of Darkness' game (very kindly donated by Core Design) and 5 runners up shall receive 'Surprise mystery gifts' (very kindly donated by Eidos).

Full details on the complete format, rules and voting will commence from the 1st Agust 2002.

Thank you