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Thread: Post count?

Post count?

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    Ouch! Sorry to hear things have been so rough for you lately. At least it's not all bad news and your company is doing okay. Good luck with it!

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    Sorry about your troubles, Squid...

    but good to "see" another familiar face in these heree parts.

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    Post counts are like belts.... all they do is hold your pants up. Except post counts don't... they just identify you as either being really lonely, an attention whore, or a spammer.

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    You know, I don't even remember what my post count was from the old forums. It was close to a thousand, if I remember correctly. But then again, I really didn't care... all I wanted was the key to the executive bathroom, and maybe the pool.


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    My ears were ringing.....
    Looks who's calling me a gasbag?!?

    Just got my computer hooked back up after not having it for awhile due to renovations.... thought I'd stop by the Crippled Burrick.
    Looks like it's been a little slow here lately.
    However... looks like the T3 (Sorry... T: DS) forum is pretty hoppin' though. I still never did pick it up. I bet I could find it in a bargain bin by now.

    So have I missed anything in the last 9 months?
    You can take our forum...but not our history

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    Yeah you have, but not as much as we have missed you. WELCOME BACK. I hope you are planning to stay a while.

    How goes the Band and the MUZAK? If you have a link, post it. Do you still have your Website?

    And watch out for them "Ducks".

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    WB Rick.

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    Well, for 2-1/2 months, I was forced to be a lurker-only user. This forum software has a nasty that when you change your e-mail address, get the confirmation mail, and click on the link, it looks like you have authenticated but your account is in limbo status. I could login in okay but I couldn't post or look at or edit my e-mail and password; i.e., I lost all functionality to my account other than to login (but I was pretty much still just a guest user).

    In the past, sending e-mails to the admin using the "Contact Us" link never worked (I'd never get a reply). I'd have to wander over to and ask a regular over there that was also a regular over here to ask the moderators over here to fix my account. I got a pleasant surprise when the new admin (apparently there was a recent change) responded quickly and got my account fully working again. So now I can be heard here again (perhaps to the dismay of some).

    I don't play Thief much anymore but I still do occasionally visit these forums. Just reading the posts wasn't very satisfying (a gag is never comfortable).

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    Thanks for the WB's

    No band or muzak tBM I still play guitar and drums, but we just mess around.
    No more ducks either!! We moved about a year ago out into the country.
    Our new basement was always "musty" and would get damp in several corners after even just a light rain. We just had Everdry redo everything down there and hopefully it'll stay dry now.
    I have a huge shop now for all my old Buicks. I had a 24x32 shop at the old house and there just wasn't any room anymore. I sold 5 Buicks within 6 months before we found the new house. Now that I have room for them... most of them are gone. DOH!
    I guess it doesn't matter..... I've been so busy with work that I haven't had a chance to work on any of the remaining cars in the last year anyways.

    So..... is T: DS worth picking up? I'm sure everyone has had a chance to play it by now. Is it anything like the Thief(s) I got hooked on a few years ago?

    I haven't done any searches, but does any of the old gang still pop in from time to time? Clayman, Huntress, BA, Screech, Gman, Rommel, Apache etc...
    I forget the guys name.... but one of us was hired to work on T3 because of his awesome FM's.... is he still doing that stuff professionaly?
    You can take our forum...but not our history

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    /me waves at Rick. Hi Rick, WB.

    Do a bit of looking just a tad farther down the page here, you'll see a thread started by Clayman, most of the old gang still wanders these halls. : -)

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    I found it BA. Those pics are great. Definately a blast from the past.
    You can take our forum...but not our history

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    Hi Rick! A belated welcome back.

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    Another belated "Welcome back" from me!

    As for Deadly Shadows, I wasn't a big fan but it's worth playing at least once and there are FMs starting to come out for it. I'm hoping that our Thiefy geniuses will work their magic with the editor and make it play a bit more like the other two games. Then it would be a LOT more fun.

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    Thanks for the WB's. More and more of you are coming out of the woodwork.

    I just ordered T3. Should be here in a few days. Hopefully I'll be able to play it this winter if work slows down.

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    Ha - Rick and Vanguard are back too ! Cool.

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    My first post here...
    Looks like I've got quite a ways to go to catch up. (_");

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    ...... ~_~ ......

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    Lightbulb none

    They should put up some ranking or picture awards to those who reach a certain amount of posts.

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