Hey Folks,

I just wanted to pop in and say that I'm happy with all the activity on this forum. It's really helping to hype the game. However, I have seen on more than a few occasions; blatant violation of the Eidos Community Terms of Use. Everyone agreed to follow those rules when you signed up for the Eidos forums. Anyone found breaking any of those rules will first be warned, then removed from the Eidos forums. Period.

So to put it simply, stop making any references to drugs, or any other illegal activities you may participate in on your own time. I would also like people to stop swearing, lest we all forget there are kids on these forums. Even though the foul langauge filter catches most of the swearing, it still dirties up the forums. Also, do not attempt to bypass the foul language filter. If you do you will be banned.

Let's try and keep the 25 to Life community friendly for all, while following the spirit of the game. k?