Thread: Naval Battle tips please

Naval Battle tips please

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    Question Naval Battle tips please

    I can't seem to win a naval battle, even if 2 vs 1. Any tips?

    Also is there a way to control multiple ships at once?
    Can you set them to auto fire like troops?

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    yes, hold shift, press L and K.

    to follow ships select a ship you want to be a follower, and then press v, now place the curser over the flag ship, leader. and right click,

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    Wink Naval Techniques

    Two things i find important;
    1. always try to get the smallest green zone that still reaches the enemy ship during the entire firing time. Many times you need to adjust your ships direction to keep the enemy lined up.

    2. Go for Hull in the beginning until you get better at manuvering, then you can take em out with sails and salvage or refit for your own navy. Boarding is also good but be sure to hit em with a few anti-personel volleys, so your men outnumber the enemy.

    As your ships improve your gun reload time will make a big difference. My best battle was a (1 Frigate 4 star) on 5 sloops. It was a glorious encounter.

    Remember, you will still have those battles you loose.

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    Hmm, I never manage to do any damage to the enemy ship. I narrow the green thingy, I aim for the hull, nothing. I use the automatic firing, nothing. While I hit the enemy, my cannonballs barely scratch his ship while the equivelant hits to my ship always do far more damage. Thus I now alway auto resolve the battles. Which is a same I guess.

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    lol i almost never lose a naval battle in hard, when i have the same ships or more , i just kill some troops of the enemy ship when i have some 20 % more i board the ship, easy. surely the enemy damages my ship but at the end i win

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    How do you manage to board the enemy ship? I tried from different approach vectors but nothing, with the button for board ship of course. Is there a specific order and way to board the ship? The manual could have been better on that respect.

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    I ram it and bord it

    it may not be the best way it i finde it works

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    Be sure you are the one following the other, not the other way around.

    When you're following the other, try not to sail the same course as him, but in a bit different angle, so you catch more wind and go faster.

    This way a battle can take some time, but usually I sink the enemy without myself getting damaged.

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    Thumbs Up advice on naval tactics

    Never charge straight into a bunch of enemy ships. That way you expose yourself and your fleet will be scattered and loose the fight. The thing to do is to form a line and start circling around the enemy ship group, following the edges of the playground. That way, all of your firepower is always concentrated in their direction and at the same time you prevent your enemy to cross fire on you. As soon as you have formed a line of ships following one another, and start moving in a circle around the enemy vessels, they will approach you, turning their vulnerable bows toward you. That's your advantage, because since you are sailing in a circuling line you have already turned your broadsides toward them and they cannot fire on you as long as they are approaching you.
    Now, as soon as the first ship comes into range, try to crossfire on it by at least two of your ships, using solid shot on their hulls. Solid shot (the default ammunition) is always the best option until you have a clear upper hand. The secret is to fire on one enemy ship with as many of your own ships as possible. A line of ships following each other and moving in a big circle is ideal for this. Not only are you protected from crossfire, you also are in an excellent position to crossfire on them, once you are able to "surround" them with your circular line. Many times you will be able to fire several broadsides into their bows before they can position themselves to even fire once at you. Especially when you make the turn to avoid sailing off the battlefield, you tighten your circle, and this gives you an excellent opportunity to crossfire on the enemy ships, sometimes up to three of your own ships firing on one of them.
    This way you can take them out one by one. In quick naval battles, choose two or three fully experienced frigats. This is enough to beat any odds, even if you are up against six enemy vessels. Fully experienced frigats can keep up their fire almost without delay, and this is much more important than numbers. Better to have a few experienced ships, which are much easier to handle than a large fleet, than a large body of weak vessels. Good luck.

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    I know something you should never do, i had a sloop against an enemy ship of the line. I was winning the battle and at the end I wanted to give him the ultimate blow, so I went very close next to him (you should never do this with a ship that has greater firepower then u) and I sank before I could fire a shot. Well atleast I learned something

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    My strategy? Make sure I have more ships and auto-calc.

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    how do u board a ship?

    i have been right on top of a ship and they wont board
    any tips on how to do it?
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