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Trial By Fire!

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    Lightbulb Trial By Fire!

    Just a reminder to all that the Trial By Fire Official Project: Snowblind competition is well underway! Battle your way to the top of the ladder and nab yourself an Official Project: Snowblind jacket!

    The following is a list of times and dates when the competitions end:

    PS2 US: Winner is the top player at 11:59 PM August 12th. Official announcement due August 15th.

    PS2 Europe: Winner is the top player at 11:59 PM August 26th. Official announcement due August 29th.

    PC: Winner is the top player at 11:59 PM September 2nd. Official announcement due September 5th.

    Good luck to all competitors!

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    Big whoop.
    I'd rather nab myself a "bug free" copy of PS.Where's the patch?

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    lol Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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    Can you guys declare me the winner already and ship the Jacket to me in advance cuz its obvious im gonna win this one, my statistic shows it and to save me the trouble of owning noobs just to stay on top

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    DAFLASH is the winner!

    Congrats to DAFLASH for winning the US PS2 Trial By Fire competition!

    However, I have not recieved any information from DAFLASH so that he can claim his prize. So if anyone talks to him regularly, if they could pass on the notice that he needs to follow up.

    For reference, here are the rules from the website:

    Players must claim their prize via email to with verification of their user name, the email address associated with that user profile, the player's full name and date of birth, and a shipping address, within 5 days of the announcement of the winner. (The announcement will be made on the official Project: Snowblind stats webpage, or another user will be selected as the winner.

    Good job to all of the top placers. Hopefully I hear from DAFLASH soon, as I wouldn't want him to miss out on his prize.

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    from what he keeps repeating "i dont want the (D word) jacket"

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    YAY 5 more days and im the WINNER

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    sidewalk is the winner!

    Congratulations to sidewalk for winning the PS2 Europe region of the Trial By Fire competition!

    sidewalk has followed up with his information, and the Official Project: Snowblind jacket has been shipped to him.

    Tonight at midnight, the winner for the PC Trial By Fire is to be determined.

    However, there is an error in the date announcment on the website. Instead of having the official announcment on the 5th, due to Labor Day the announcement will be made on the 6th at 12:00pm PST.

    Again, congrats to sidewalk!

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    Am i the winner now??? I should be

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    Still haven't played Snowblind....

    Just wanted to let you guys know that I haven't been able to play your game yet, since it has many bugs in it. Anyway, if you care about quality products or anything silly like that, it would be a good idea to fix your game so all these people that bought it can actually play it. BTW, is this forum actually affiliated with Eidos? I can't tell.

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    bohmr - I apologize that you have had difficulty with your game, however if you could keep comments like that to an appropriate thread, it would be appreciated. You might be able to post in the Technical Forum to recieve some help.

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    Congrats to Aris666 for winning the Worldwide PC Trial By Fire Competition!

    Your jacket has been sent in the mail.

    Good job to all who competed in these competitions!

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    YAY, so guys got my email yesterday and MattD, when can i expect my prize to come???

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    I just bought this game and no one told me it would crash and you cant get it fixed. Why are they still selling the game if they know its broke. Basicly they stole my money, Right?

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