Thread: Old Threads Gone - What Patch to Use?

Old Threads Gone - What Patch to Use?

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    Old Threads Gone - What Patch to Use?

    Since I never could get my Startopia to work properly (always crashed to reboot after a few hours into the game or froze while loading) my game has been sitting on the shelf. Now I'm going to lend to a friend however, and if I remember correctly there was a patch that was mighty difficult to get hold of since you couldn't reach the official download site. 1.02b I think it was called. Anyone know where to get it?

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    Patch 1.01b is the most "official" patch, and it's the one I recommend.

    There is also patch 1.02, but it's really just a graphics-demo thing. I haven't done any stability testing on it, so if you want to actually play the game, I would leave it alone. (you need to install 1.01b before using 1.02 by the way).

    Both are available by starting here , then follow the StarTopia links.

    TomF - ex-MF

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    Thanks Muckyfoot! Then I'll be allright. Have to spread this wonderful little game around, haven't we.