Thread: Any way to restore your inf units

Any way to restore your inf units

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    Any way to restore your inf units

    I am getting sick of filling my military accademy's with depleated units as i attempt to combine units after losses in battle. I HAD the same problem with ships until i built the naval dockyards and they were fixed if in friendly waters, yet i am second era and can find no way to restore those units, even if they are at the military bases in their actual countires. Is there some building you must build or something, because this is sapping alot of fun outta the game since i must spend time combining units instead of attacking the enemy.

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    Only autocratic governments can restore land units, and then only after researching and building Military Hospitals. I view it as an abstraction of the power of an autocracy to compel military service. I would have preferred they call it something like "Conscription Centers," but the idea is the same.

    Democracies get other, significant economic and diplomatic advantages and thus can build more new units and make better use of diplomacy to avoid war altogether.

    Although something of a pain, I think it nicely balances the government types.