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Suggestions for Using Artillery

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    Suggestions for Using Artillery

    I am seeing the threads talking about favored battle tactics, and a lot of talk of artillery. I don't use it; the AI never garrisons itself in buildings, and I don't like wasting money on foundries. I prefer to have a massive wall of infantry close with the enemy, and then when they are charged by militia or cavalry, intercept the attacking force with my own cavalry.

    But, some of your tactics seem much more efficient (i.e., fewer friendly, more enemy casualties), so I was going to get out the arty in my new game. What are your suggestions on employing artillery?

    Which reminds me, the other reason I don't use it is that my infantry tends to wander into my own arty's kill zone. . . .



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    Put infantry next to them on both sides and a cavalry unit behind them to intercept enemy cavalry. That should keep them quite safe. Target their most powerful infantry with the 12-pounders or 6-pounders. Buildings with the howitzers. Most people don't use howitzers so try and stick to the 12-pounders aswell.

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    A large (3 units +) of slow moving or entrenched Artillery is a ripe plum for the Enemy Cavalry.

    Try to split up your artillery units and assign them to individual Squadrons / Companies. Good field Command will allow you to concentrate cannon fire from various locations while lowering the risk of losing all Artillery Units to an agressive Cavalry charge. When positioning your field pieces, make use of the 'V' key and overlap fields of fire,(FOF) where possible.When moving your Infantry, be aware of your FOFs and be quick at sending a 'Cease Fire' command to the appropriate Artillery Unit before your Infantry enters their FOF.

    Personaly, I hate to commit my valuable Cavalry Units to defence of artillery. Instead try assigning Militia (if available) Units to each Artillery Unit/Group. The Militia can slow or stop an an assault on your Artillery long enough to redirect stronger support troops or even re-locate your Artillery.

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