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Thread: The Seven Keyblade Wielders

The Seven Keyblade Wielders

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    Kingdom Hearts 3D was a great game. It just needed a more clear story. I'm still confused by what happened and I beat the game. Axel and Older Riku are my favorite Keyblade wielders.

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    I find the story would be confusing if you got lost along the way.... but if you keep up the plot alone is worth the price of admission......then the chacter devolpment is incredible! (cept' for Kairi shes getting lost in the story)

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    The story is confusing in that most things aren't really explained with enough detail that they make perfect sense.

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    AH! Writers freedom... the ability to explain just enough of the story yet have certain freedoms to switch a few things around mid-way....Sure they could've explained everything outright but then it's set in stone and the direction of the story would be too easy to figure out

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    Yeah, and we can't have that, this is Kingdom Hearts after all, the plot twists and totally out of the blue surprizes are part of what makes the game so much fun.

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    yeah who in thier right mind would think King Triton from alantica Knows about the Keyblade?..... His warning to Sora was completly outta the blue......well who know what twists we find.....

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    Yeah, that's one of the biggest mysteries in KH, although not an overtly important one (it might be important, or it might mean nothing, but honestly, would SE let a big connection like that be completely pointless?), King Triton knows about the keyblade, but we have no idea how he knows about it. He might have been warned about it by his father or something, or he might have seen the damage done by the keyblade war, we've got a lot of information about most of the other confusing questions that have come up in the KH series, so we've been able to make educated guesses about them, but we've got no information what-so-ever when it comes to King Triton's connection to the keyblade.

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