Thread: Project: Snowblind PS2 Stats Reset

Project: Snowblind PS2 Stats Reset

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    Project: Snowblind PS2 Stats Reset

    The stats for Project: Snowblind US Playstation 2 users will be reset July 14th, 2005 . That's right, we're making a fresh start. But worry not. The top ten greatest players will have their names and their achievements forever enshrined in the Honor Guard. And since we are resetting the stats, that means we will be running a second Trial By Fire competition. (See below).

    Project: Snowblind. The Trial By Fire Begins...
    1200hrs July 14th, 2005

    Life as a foot soldier of the future is a trial by fire. And Eidos is proud to announce that the trial has begun for players of Project: Snowblind. Eidos will be awarding a special prize to our finest players, those who learn the lessons of combat quickest, who have the skill and the ruthlessness to survive. To win, you must claw your way to the top of the ladder and stay on top of it! The competition runs for thirty days following the launch of Project: Snowblind. To see how you're doing, check our online stats webpage

    The winners will be announced at the following times and dates:

    Playstation 2(US) - Winner To Be Declared At: 12:00 HRS PST, August 15th

    The player occupying the top spot for each territory will win an Official Project: Snowblind Jacket! Wear the uniform with pride, soldier!

    For further information, email

    Official Rules

    Only the user statistics displayed on the official Project: Snowblind stats webpage, will be counted toward this competition.

    The user with the highest overall score in each of the following leaderboards at the time specified below will be declared the winner:
    Playstation 2 (US) - 12:00 PM PST, August 12th 2005

    Players must claim their prize via email to with verification of their user name, the email address associated with that user profile, the player's full name and date of birth, and a shipping address, within 5 days of the announcement of the winner. (The announcement will be made on the official Project: Snowblind stats webpage, or another user will be selected as the winner.

    By the act of claiming a prize, the player gives Eidos, Inc the right to contact that user, and to verify that user's game profile and account information.

    Any violation of the terms of our online agreement by a player will disqualify them from eligibility to receive prizes. The copy of this agreement is located here:

    A player must be at least thirteen years of age to be eligible for prizes.

    Employees of Eidos, Inc, any of its subsidiaries, or members of their families, are ineligible for prizes.

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    Special Prize .... I won the PC deathmatch touranament 3 weeks in a row and do you know what I got as my special prize, seriously, I got 3 Project: Snowblind stickers, a sticker of a chick holding a skateboard, and a pack of Tomb Raider trading cards with 3 cards inside....

    If that is what you guys over at Eidos consider a special prize, I feel bad for the people on PS2 that are struggling to get to #1 for their so called pathetic "special prize".

    But if you you guys decide to try anyway, I'll keep my fingers crossed and maybe this time around you will get 5 Project: Snowblind stickers....


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    we get jackets for being on top in the PS2 ranks

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    No you stand corrected, only the #1 Spot gets the jacket ... Or at least thats how it was for us PC players...


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    mmm hmm

    thats what i meant

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    hey is there split screen multiplayer for prjt snwblnd?

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    no there isnt