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    Rolleyes History

    I am outreaged with the way history is treated!
    I am talking about the country of Moldavia because I am a Moldavian! Firstly, you put russian names to the officers. The names should be like Pruteanu or Moldovan.
    Secondly, about Hungary. In the description of the territory they say that is has stood against otoman expansion. I know that is not true.
    Moldavia has been the eastmost cristian nation to face the otomans and none of our military leaders has ever been defeated in battle by the otomans and the otomans never taken our land. I can tell you storyes...
    Enough, I sound like an old guy
    Anyway, do you agree with me, should the game include more historically accurate data?

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    Ottomans never took Moldova?
    I thought Ottomans controlled it approximately from 1500-1800?
    Perhaps I'm wrong...

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    Yes and besides Moldova always had a huge russian or north eastern influence, hey we're all brothers right I know many dudes there with russian like names not really aware of any generals of the times, as Moldavia was never a force in any conflict up to date

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    No, they never took Moldavia but, when the country needed to rebuild its forces, it accepted paying taxes to the otomans to buy peace for a while. Usually untill the leader changed and went to war again.
    And, about he relation to russians. We're not actually related, moldavians are of latin origin from the times of the roman empire but, after WWII they entered the soviet union and were opressed for years.
    In the period covered in Imperial Glory, if I remember correctly, Moldavia was allied with Russia against the ottomans but, untill WWII, no empire has ever succeeded in taking the land.
    About the names, most have romanian names except for those that married in russian families that came after 1944.
    Actually moldavians are romanians .
    Please ask me if you want to know anything else about history, I know quite a lot.

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    Most people don't realize it existed

    Fancy meeting a Moldovan on a video games forum. When you said you were Moldovan it instantly caught my eye. I'm not native to the country but I spent eight months there during 1994 and 1995. Six of those months were spent in Sofia in the north. It's to the east of Drokia, I know I spelled that wrong. The other two I spent in the capital, which I know I can't spell. My parents were medical missionaries for a clinic that never opened while we were there. We spent most of our time helping out at orphanages. I have to say it was the most interesting experience I have every had and I didn't much like it at the time. But now I can see that it really opened my eyes to other cultures. I've been back twice, in 1999 and 2000.

    I agree with you wholeheartedly. Video games tend to downplay the diversity of regions, such as Moldavia, the Ukraine, or Romania and they shouldn't. People who haven't been to one of those countries don't realize that their are differences both in history and in culture. It is a little unfair to say Moldavia was part of Russia at this time so Moldavans are Russian. They are not and were not and continue to be not. This should be represented and if game designers took a little time I think it would not be hard to do.

    I did a little search on the internet and here's what I found. The Ottomans did control it during that period. During the 1400's they were independent and organized as a state. Before 1400's I don't really know. I'm not sure about battles won and lost. Information is hard to find. I'll take your word for it.

    If you want a game where you can actually play Moldavia buy Europa Universalis II. It's one of my favorites but not for everyone.

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    I stand corrected. Most brief historys that one can find on the internet might mistake Moldavia paying takes with it being under Ottoman control.

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    Thanks for agreeing "The Kalden Worther". The capital is called Chishinau.
    I've been trying to find a site that tells the history correctly cut there are just a few and the information is incomplete.
    Also, after 1859 we can no longer talk about moldova as a state. It was united with Walachia to form Romania but was not yet united with Transilvania, wich was owned by Austria-Hungary at the time, as correctly shown in the game.
    If you come visit again, try going to Moldova province in Romania, it has it's famous exterior-painted churches and wonderful dishes and drinks. I have been living here for two years studying history.
    If you find any other historical errors in the game please share with us.

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    I presume that's somewhere along Romanians eastern border. I have not spent much time in Romania. Just passing through on the train. It's very pretty in the mountains. I'll have to spend some more time there when I get the chance. Might not be for while though. I just got my History Degree and am impoverished.

    As far as history games go it seems typical to lump a bunch of people that are similar together. You have the Germans as one faction in Medieval: Total War, when in fact at the time they were a bunch of states. But showing this would make the game much more complicated and probable stop some people from buying the game. Video game companies and their publishers are a business and whatever gets the most money is often the route chosen. While I don't agree with this or that historical accuracy is often sacrificed I don't think it's about to change. The fact is there are people who care about historical accuracy and their are people who don't. While games like IG and the Total Wars games are made for both groups their are more people who just care about enjoying a game.

    The answer of course is to just make your own game. Find a few computer nerds and convince them to help you make the perfect game. If you can't find computer nerds make a board game. These do take time and if you plan to actually do something with your ideas, money, but the whole process is quite fun. I myself am trying to make a board game and have it pretty well worked out. I don't really have a setting but the combat and economic model could be applied to anything. Like video game developers, I have to figure out what to modify or simple remove so people can reasonably play it as a leisure activity.

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    Cool, making your own game
    I think that theese kind of games are not aimed at history people but at the general public but it would be nice to find something you recognise.
    I liked fighting Waterlo in the game, although is scaled down a bit. I guess they can't put that many soldiers (100 thousand) on the game battlefield.
    As for your game, good luck!
    May I suggest asking some of your friends for an oppinion on how to make your game better because, as you developed it, you came to know it but, for others, it might be impossible to play.
    If you have skills in programming try building a "thinking base" (I can't find the word) for a computer game. I know a guy who worked on Silent Hunter III (did you know it was made entirely in Romania?) that inspired himself from a board game called "Commander".