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Editor tools

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    Actually a better question would be how can we manipulate *.dt files.

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    Sorry guys, but what is it like u all speak spanish, i mean c'mon?!?!? Are there any English versions out there?!?!?!

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    Big Grin

    guys in addition i would be glad if someone told me what i could do with this tool-- appreciate the replys!
    :D Charge! Ouch...., I believe that was the Howitzer :mad:

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    Originally Posted by Mamelukes
    Sorry guys, but what is it like u all speak spanish, i mean c'mon?!?!? Are there any English versions out there?!?!?!
    The game was created by a Spanish developer. That means, logically, most of the documentation and support will be entirely in Spanish.

    Incidentally, your English isn't all that great either. I've seen better English out of Babelfish than some of the users here, but that's a whole 'nother ballpark.

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    True, try to calm down when writing, and maybe even do it in a Spelling Checker environment before displaying it to the masses. It is all in Spanish, but that's not a huge problem, because the comments are short-hand, and it is easy to just translate a few words.

    The names of the functions/pointers is in spanish, but just think of them as annoying names, rather than another language. But they too can be translated as most have the name of their "general" action.

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    Aside from you guys knocking my spelling , I understand how the developers are spanish and, as said logically everything would be in spanish. But couldn't they at least offer some english instructions towards the game editor? In addition, I was hoping someone would help me out with these mod tools... specifically, I wanted to tamper with the unit sizes... honestly don't you guys think there are too little units to be allowed in a battle?

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    There's a thread called "How to modify game files" in this board that tells you how to do just that, Mameluke.

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    Yorke covers that area perfectly, read the first few posts in the P1, P2, P3 guide.

    There isn't much to translate, other that comments, and for that just use an online translation tool. Thats what I did to catalogue things.

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    Originally Posted by Phillippe
    Actually a better question would be how can we manipulate *.dt files.
    I'm making some progress in this area - the details I've figured out so far, which are enough to mod a variety of unit stats (number of soldiers, movement speed, wepaon range etc), if you're happy getting stuck in with a hex editor are at

    I'm now working on a program to export the stats to text files to allow people to edit the text files, then re-import them into the game. I'm aiming to release an initial version by the middle of next week.

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    I can't download the editor tools, because gameshadow isn't working for me. Then I remembered that it was gameshadow that was shipped with the game itself and I more or less installed it on my computer, even though no direct use had presented itself (I have no really working internet, only dialup, but virus got that down so I don't use it anymore).

    But I reckon you need gameshadow installed to download the editor, and I really want it. But, this being a school computer, I really have no means nor permission to install programs (downloading is actually already a bit open for argument...). So, my question (I'm sure you felt that coming...) Is anyone able and willing to send me the editor via e-mail? I will not put my e-mail adress here right now due to automatic e-mail services and whatnot, but I would really appreciate it if someone would send me the editor tools.

    Thanks in advance!

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    So after 2 years is it in English now? All I want to know would be where to get the simple unpacker to extract the pak files. Simple winrar seems a little too easy...

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