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    I apologize if this subject was already covered; I searched but did not find it. In my first campaign and noticed I had lots of RawMats but not much gold. Was happy when I found the Commercial Treaty choice on the Diplomacy Screen. And very happy when I started inputting a nice trade and saw underneath that my offer was SURE to be accepted. I continued to sweeten in my favor until I saw the advice showed that the deal might be declined. Then backed off a few steps to Accepted again. But when I went to make the trade, the country graciously declined my offer. So I lowered the gold I wanted and tryed again, with the same Decline. I continued lowering until I was asking for a small fraction of my original request. And in each case, I was assured they would accept. But I never did get the deal done. It was always Declined!! My advisor could certainly use some training from the fellow in CIV 3!!! Anyone know if I am doing something wrong, or is it just another of the seemingly endless anomolies of this beautiful, interesting but consistently aggravating game?!

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    Happens sometimes but not too often. Could be that the other country doesn't have what you are asking. Or, for some reason, they just don't want to trade that turn. Keep trying. I'm able to make a trade, on some terms with somebody, about 80% of the time.

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    With the treaties, there are different factors that go into it before they are actually accepted by other nations. I ran into this problem myself.

    I guess it depends on that countries' situation as well. It may not be good for them at the time even if your advisor says otherwise. If their sympathy towards you is low, then treaties are more difficult.

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    check the graph area. it's possible that your fellow nations just don't want you to have the gold! they know alot about your situation.

    i'm playing as england and as such, raw materials can be a litle short. the more powerful i get, the less inclined rival nations are to sell me any. i offer 2.5 to 5 times the amount that it says will be successful and am sometimes still declined.

    i'm pretty sure it's part of the game.also, checking the graphs lets you know whether or not they actually have the stuff you need on hand. sympathy ratings affect the deal also.

    if they need something, sell them some of that 1st.