Thread: 20 Design flaws

20 Design flaws

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    20 Design flaws

    Here are the major design flaws in the game. Some of these are standard windows interface conventions that should have been included as a matter of course.

    These are things that could have been put in the game but weren't. (BTW, I have a fairly high end system).

    1. The "enter" or "Return" key does not automatically mean the same thing as clicking on "OK" in a dialogue box.

    2. Graphics are indistinct and fuzzy.

    3. Lack of cusomizable key commands.

    4. ctrl-s to save game is not implemented. It should bring up the save game dialogue or do a quicksave at least.

    5. units are hard to move/select in many areas.

    6. Leaders cannot move without armies attached in certain cases.

    7. there is no way to tell just how many research points you produce.

    8. when in one screen like the buildings screen, hitting the fkey for the build units screen does not bring up the build units screen. You have to hit "escape" then F2 to get to the build units screen. All screens should come up when their fkey is hit, no matter what screen you are currently on.

    9. the strategic map recenters EVERY TIME the COMPUTER MOVES a unit. The map jumps around like it's having an epileptic siezure. Very poor design. Unwatchable.

    10. tooltips appear too slowly.

    11. When unable to move a unit into an area, no explanation or error message is given.

    12. Naval combat interface when commanding battles is a joke. Not playable.

    13. AI builds stupid armies, even on most difficult level. It's not hard to beat 12 militia and 14 cannons.

    14. AI will not attack your most vulnerable provinces. It should send ships to your rear and offload where you are weak.

    15. Due to speed of combat, light infantry (with better ranged attack) is useless. They only get 1 or 2 shots off before being engaged in melee.

    16. Enemy units can walk right through your units (usually to attack your artillery).

    17. The beginning of every battle is a long boring wait just to walk to the enemy.

    18. Army composition is not visible when on a ship.

    19. Ships do not stack. It's boring moving so many pieces individually.

    20. When moving units, if you pick it up then move the mouse so that the map scrolls, the unit will not move, but bounce back to its original country, forcing you to move the map so that you don't have to scroll to move it.

    OVerall, the interface needs to be streamlined. Too clunky.

    For example, to save a game, you do the following.

    1. escape
    2. click save
    3. type name of saved game
    4. click ok
    5. click again.
    6. click "resume"

    that's 6 steps!!! One more if you're overwriting another saved game.

    It should be:

    1. ctrl-s
    2. type name
    3. hit "enter"

    game saves and continues.

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    I agree with virtually all of your points. None, though, is a game killer.

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    Some of these complaints are just minor and some don't bother me at all. The valid ones have been mentioned already by me and others several times. Not to mention the battle situations/problems you mention, do not always occur as you imply. I have had the AI build powerfull armies. I have had the AI attack in my rear before. And I put my riflemen in the second line where they are rarely involved in melee. The naval interface is clunky and ponderous, but I use it to increase my navy. So it does work, just not well. So it is playable. Heaven forbid that you should have to push an extra key or two to save.HEH! I think you might try playing for awhile longer. You'll find that there is much in this game that is done very well. The sum of it's parts is much better than a few less than optimum interfaces and issues.
    Purpose for this post? Other than a personal rant?

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    Use the patch suggestion thread for such things..