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Clans wanted

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    Clans wanted

    A group of guys are currently developer a site which is, in erm, basic terms, the single player but online.

    Rather then me try and explain it, check out their website and join up.

    IG Clans

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    Big Grin

    I would enter my "Clan" into IG but i don't have enough people, only 2 of us.

    But if anyone wants to help us out and is interested in forming a Imperial Glory Contingent please e-mail me at

    Please bare in mind that winning in this contingent is before enjoyment! We take on many skills and a couple more leader positions will be availible if enough interest is e-mailed.

    This method of "Clan Leagues has been used before in a game known as DoD, we entered that and it was good. So i'm keen to enter us into this league if the interest is show.

    Please if your interested, please don't sit there! E-mail me now! Here!

    Thank you,

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    Whoever made that website really needs to clean it up, I can't read half of it due to alignment of text being so bad, the IG-clans one that is.

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    its not finished yet

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    I have no doubt that The =95= rifles will register, But being only a copral in their alliance i have no place to register us.

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    IA will be fighting in this but it needs alot of improvement still its only beta atm

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    Whoa that site is buggy! Might be worth looking into though; as GM of UGC I think I can grab four people inclusive of me, perhaps the sharpshooters would be interested in a coalition?

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    sorry dont mean to hijack this thread but I thought you may be interested:

    Hi the Lords of Midnight [LofM] currently play Rome:Total War, Dawn of War and Guildwars, and are looking into expanding into playing Imperial Glory as a couple of our members have this game and have recommended it to the rest of the clan.

    so basically all I'am asking is for you guys to come and take a look at our website and if you like what you see sign up and join, as we are also looking for someone to run the Imperial Glory division for the clan, and who knows it could be you.

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    Those links are all misguiding!