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Thread: Update for users receiving copy protection issues

Update for users receiving copy protection issues

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    I take it all back!
    I had originally downloaded a bad copy of the patch. Downloaded it again from Eidos and everything works perfectly.

    I beg forgiveness

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    well i found winace now what do i do with it? my games crashes and reboot at certian parts of the game i've downloaded the IG patch and it still does the crashing thing, so how is winace supposed to help? and the other thing is now that winace is now in my pc system i can't delete it! it won't go away! so what do i do with it? and whats it supposed to do to fix this game so it will run on my pc?

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    tried all of the above... still didn't work. I'm still getting 'insert correct disk in drive: ?'. But then again, i am using Vista. Shame, I thought Imperial Glory was the best 'total war' title that never was (especially as they've taken the gorgeous maps away from the series and turned it into a video game i.e. Rome, etc)

    I guess it's the bin for my copy then?

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    cannot intialize

    Has there been any new developements for the "cannot intialize error"

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    The cannot initialise error is related to the graphics card not supporting a feature needed, most likely hardware TnL. What graphics card do you have?

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    will Imperial Glory work with vista?

    Have just purchased Imperial glory and installed it. however when i click to open it it just says insert original CD. is there anything i can do or will it not work at all?

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    i need

    i need password for tonrider plz

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