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Oddities while playing the game

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    Question Oddities while playing the game

    Lately I've been playing Startopia for extended periods of time, 2+ hr sessions. I've ran into some oddities/bugs. Has anyone else had these issues or seen other weird stuff happen while playing the game?

    1) Some text in the game becomes huge! The "e" energy text, when someone buys something. I came across one building that had a huge transparent "e" over it! LOL!!!

    2) Enemies are not highlighted automatically, even if I have the other people set to "100% enemy". I have to sometimes select each enemy for my Security Columns to shoot at.

    3) Security Columns don't shoot at enemy security scuzzers sometimes. I had a column right next to my door lock. The enemy scuzzer was trying to close the door. My column never shot once at the scuzzer!

    4) After a fight, some of my staff keeps trying to go through the closed bulkhead doors of the station! At one time, there was probably 20+ peeps trying to pass through the closed bulkhead door! Why?

    5) Crashes. I have also had an occassional crash to desktop. Unfortunately I didn't save the WinXP error message and code that it gave me.

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    I think mine crashed too but the rest sound like your computer needing a restart due to ram problems rather than a game bug but I can't be sure.

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    I know this is some four months after your question Wile_E, but I do have the answers to all of your questions. Well, all but one.

    The huge energy thing is a graphical glitch that happens sometimes (like the game engine trying to draw base tiles and furniture tiles for floors at once). A quick save and reload clears it; it's not a big issue. I think it might be due to the computer getting confused about layering - if you look closely you'll see the numbers are upside down!

    Enemies are targeted automatically the instant they cross into your territory. This is not done when they are in their own territory. I think StarTopia only has so many 'target points' to allocate, so when they are used up that is really it.

    Either that or you clicked some twenty times on another target - doing so when a target is at maximum will reduce target points from other targets.

    Of further note is the fact that only combat-capable peeps are auto-targeted.

    Finally for warfare in general it is recommended that you line bordering segment bulkhead doors with Security Columns to complement your troops. If you follow the 'super unstoppable droid army' school of warfare add about four Rechargers into the mix, and of course a couple of Power Boosters never hurt anyone. Allow your enemy to burn off the troops and energy on your Columns while keeping to the centre of the segment by the Bulkhead Doors - after minimal casualties on your side and devastating losses on the AI's then take the next segment.

    Using mass columns is considered a lamer tactic among organics, as when two sides use the strategy (silicon-based lifeforms never do) an impasse is created. Though you can punch holes through an ememy's defences by using bombs as grenades - shame you can't manufacture them.

    When using Security Columns it is generally advisable to complement them with a well staffed Security Control. This said it is probably a bug that causes Security Columns to ignore Security Scuzzers even at point-blank range. Maybe it's to do with the shape of the polygons, or borderline conditions, or something. I generally place two Security Columns by my Bulkhead Locks to offset this in the event of a Security Scuzzer eluding my borderline firestorm.

    There are two possible reasons for point four. First is a bug in Peep Pathfinding - Peeps always take the shortest distance to where they need to go. Say there is one locked bulkhead left in the whole Industrial Deck. In this case every segment will be flagged by the game as 'open' even though the bulkhead door is still locked. This means peeps in about half the Station will take the shortest route given by the opened segments... and find themselves running into a Bulkhead Door. There have been no reports of peeps gaining injuries due to this as yet.

    The other possibility is that you just took over a segment and had stuff inside the next one targeted. If a peep is commanded to attack a facility the game won't trigger a 'what to do' sequence straight away, and the peep won't 'know' the door is shut immediately due to this. But seriously, what kind of Administrator will let his or her Peeps get trapped behind closing doors anyway? The kind that takes all the doors out of a room and powers it down, then adds to the affect by removing all the furniture?

    As for the CTDs - sorry, no idea. Mucky Foot had no idea when they were still around and the MF team, now scattered by the four winds, still have no idea. One thing you can try is updating your CardID.tom file - you can get that from Startopia Post - but beyond that the only advice I can give is to get in contact with an ex MuckyFooter. Tom Forsyth is generally quite supportive of the StarTopia community and if it's a graphical glitch then he's probably your man. If not he may be able to tell you who to contact. A quick web search for 'Tom Forsyth' will get you to his web page.

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    Oops - I totally missed this post first time around.

    Originally Posted by Overmind
    I think it might be due to the computer getting confused about layering - if you look closely you'll see the numbers are upside down!
    Yes, this is a purely graphical bug. And... erm... it's code I wrote. I have no idea why it happens though - I've never been able to catch it in the debugger.

    Originally Posted by Overmind
    The other possibility is that you just took over a segment and had stuff inside the next one targeted.
    That's the one - either facilities or peeps will do it. The latter is more of a problem, because you can get enemy peeps walk into yoru segment, get auto-targetted, get hurt and then run away. Then the battle ends and the doors close, but there's still that one peep targetted, so all your combat troops try to chase them through the doors (and then get slaughtered on the other side of course, because laser power drops rapidly as you get further from your home segment, and they're on foreign turf). One solution is as the doors are closing, quickly create a muster point and then keep clicking on it until it "steals" the targetting from the enemy peeps. This stops them getting stuck on the wrong side. Once the doors are shut, it's safe to remove the muster point.

    And yeah - random crashes. They annoy me just as much as they annoy you - sorry. I wish I had more time to spend on this stuff :-(


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    That's not your fault Tom. It takes more than one to do the job of Mucky Foot - it's more than enough to know that you're still about offering technical assistance. This is probably a semi-unique case, that a developer still stays active on a game made by a company that went bust.

    Go Tom!

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