Thread: Can't find the game anywhere.

Can't find the game anywhere.

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    Question Can't find the game anywhere.

    Hi, I live in Southern California and I wanted to know where people got their games because I can't find the game in anystore around me. Anyone know where to get the game in Southern California?? Thanks

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    Hve you tried any online sources like amazon, or ebay?
    I would suggest others but Im English so Im not sure which sites are best for the states

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    I know I can order it from online, but I wanted to buy it from a store not online. Thanks anyways So, anyone in southern Cali know a store to where to buy this game?

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    Re: Finding game

    Hey Incubus, I live in Southern California too and can't find it anywhere. I actually did some prepay to reserve a copy for when it supposedly came out on the 17th. I've checked back at EB, Best Buy, everywhere around here and no one has a g#!$&*n copy!!

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    I had to travel 30 miles out of chicago to get a copy i reserved at gamestop. Go to and look up imperial glory. from here put in you zip code in the store availibilty screen and it will acuratly show you if there are any within a chosen distance.

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    I looked it up, I live in boston and the nearest one was in Worcester ! They only had one, that said and they said it wasn't accurate at all times. I'll wait a little while until I could get one closer to Boston.
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