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Thread: The Patch/suggestion Thread

The Patch/suggestion Thread

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    The Patch/suggestion Thread

    Ok now that the game is out and everyone is playing it, alot of people will know by now what they would like tweaked, added, or fixing. Most gamers know that this is where the forums are going to be flooded with 101 threads about what people want different, so to save having a dozen threads on whats realisticly the same subject (what you want in a future patch) please put your suggestions here.
    We all know that Eidos/Pyro read these forums, so by making it easier for them to see what we the public want by having it all in the same place, were more likely to get it. So post away about what you love and loathe about the game!

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    1) Give an attack bonus for infantry vs squares, because the tightly packed square would be at the mercy of the soldiers with freedom of movement, who could outreach the squared infantry and slice them apart.

    2) Larger ship battles. Six ships is just not enough, slow the ships down a little maybe and add control groups so that you can make Vans, Centre's, Divisions, Squadrons etc.

    3) Larger land battles, the given reason is "Rather than have thousands of look alike models Pyros opted for more unique units on the battlefield" which implies that a CPU would be unable to support larger battles. My 1.1ghz Athlon can support 3500 with no lag, imagine what a 4.0ghz can do. I'd also suggest making troop and ship levels a setting for the player, as some players will prefer smaller battles.

    That'll do for now, as those are wanted features, not a wishlist as such, the wishlist including an MP Campain.

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    I request,

    If Intel Corp. can't find a way to go around their intel integrated chipsets. we could get the option to disable the feature in which we can't play the game while still having the same quality or less.

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    Originally Posted by GenFerriman
    Thanks for your help :/ but unfortunatly i know there is no more Drivers for my DVDRW/CDRW drive... I'll go into a corner and cry now. I have bought 2 games that doesn't work on my PC will the Developers help me to get it working???

    NAME: Philips DVDRW416

    *looks to the skys!*
    Email it to the address given in the thread which discusses this..

    Hope its okay, but am going to delete the `conversation` thats been going on , to keep this thread just about the patch etc

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    Originally Posted by mob
    get a fecking lobby like rtw ejets
    wtf did you make a game without a lobby for even EA can make ing lobbys im totaly outraged and thats why im pissed off i waisted good money on a pile of so
    For this have a 1 day ban.. you are not providing anything of any use. Chill out for a day

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    After trying it out at a friends place (my copy is still in limbo/the mail) Ive got to say that I would definately like:

    • A pause and command, similar to the TW games, I know your trying to be as different from them as you can, its a good system
    • Slow down the movement rate, because right now it seems that either the troops are overdosed on cafeen and sugar

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    Slow the Battles down to manageable Speed.
    I dont need to pause to micromanage, but if I go to check on my
    flank and 30seconds or less later my whole army has been routed
    cause 1 cav unit came through and got to my Infantry and slaughtered them
    thats quite ridiculous. The speed the battles play now should be a "mop-up"
    speed not a combat speed. I really want to play this game something fierce
    but cant untill the battles show some semblance to real life situations/combat.
    sorry to yell but without that you will lose a lot of gamers.
    I have already boxed my copy up and put it on shelf
    till its fixed, and tha kills me because I had super high hopes for this Game

    P.S. Im not a kid, Im an adult and a serious wargamer who
    really sees the "RTS" as being an awesome way to play this
    Era of Battle game and thus I hope you can get it right.

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    Gameplay speed definately needs to be adjustable.

    Also, I use a laptop to play. I don't have a mouse, I use a touchpad. As such I can't figure out how to zoom in and out with the camera. It doesn't look like IG allows the user to adjust the hotkeys. It would be great if I could set the hotkeys to my liking.

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    Originally Posted by Razgriz 1
    I request,

    If Intel Corp. can't find a way to go around their intel integrated chipsets. we could get the option to disable the feature in which we can't play the game while still having the same quality or less.

    I second that

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    Instead of making quests just a bonus to be collected it might be fun to make the prize an ability to trigger an event, an example:

    Continental System
    6 Ship of Line in port, Ability to trigger a several turn blockade against a particular Empire

    (This may already be a quest)

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    I second the pause & command request. Slowing battles down might be too drastic, but pause and command would at least make things managable--especially for the ship battles.

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    My two cents

    Here is what I would like to see:

    -except for fortifications and urban environments, knock off the melee. I'm not playing a pre-gunpowder game here. A bayonet charge generally came after a prolonged series of volleys whereupon the wavering line fell back or fled when the other side began to slowly advance. Even the vaunted British charges broke and then saw the French fleeing or falling back, not being skewered. Medical records showed that most wounds came from artillery and then muskets. Very little bayonet wounds except for the afterforementioned urban environments.
    -musketry is way too accurate at range and should only begin telling when units are halted, close and ripping shots into each other(with no melee).
    -I think seeing officers, drummers and standard bearers would really enhance the experience.
    -K, there are only two incidences that I have heard where a square was broken(one at Albuera and the other I forgot). Sorry, but cavalry should only have like a 5% to break one. Otherwise, why have the formation at all? Go into square, you risk major casualties from artillery and formed line.
    -The morale situation has been beat to death, but it really is pathetic. Cossacks II has a decent one, but fighting to the last man was really rare throughout warfare. Course exceptions, the unit at Eylau, etc. It is possible this is really an abstraction whereupon a unit breaking would just run off the field anyway, thus being no different than be massacred. Still, the Total War battles, with their string of dead and fleeing is so much more representative of what it would have been like. I don't know, but does a wiped-out unit affect the morale of other units within a certain range, cause if it doesn't, that is reprehensible.
    -For sure, battles move too fast.
    -Artillery is too easy to crush. Maybe an automatic canister shot without player intervention should occur when enemies are almost upon them from the front.

    Hope that either Pyro or modders are reading this thread because I believe with some of these changes us Napoleonic buffs can finally have a pleasurable game where we don't hackle due to obvious historical errors. Course some other games, from Matrix will be out soon that will be much better at representing the tactical aspects of this period, but most gamers are usually not aware of the company and it's hardcore wargamer audience. Best games I can recommend for Napoleonic battle right now are Breakaway's Waterloo and Austerlitz titles which do not suffer from some of the above statements, but the graphics are quite dated and not nearly as gorgeous as Imperial Glory. Address the issues listed in this thread and I think IG will be king of the hill.

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    ^^^^ nice suggestions...

    Also, like in Sid Meyer's Gettysburg, they shud have the option to "fire at will" or "volley"

    and fixing bayonets should take some time for the whole regiment to get it on.

    Im not too sure about the Napoleonic wars historical accurateness on strategies/tactics, but what about group formations where the front rank can kneel.

    - also... should add a skirmishing mode... esp. for the long range rifle regiments

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    Please , please , please make it so there is a choice on how to control the camera . I prefer up , down , left and right to do just that .At the moment left is turning the camera left and right is turning the camera right . I would like to be able to customise it so left strafes left and right strafes the camera right .

    Oh and the speed too ,should be slowed abit . Anyway great game im enjoying it , just i just can't get used to the camera .

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    Smile Some ideas

    I would have to agree with many of the previous comments. Here are a few thoughts of my own that may be repetitive of what others may/might say, but:

    Make political annexation much more difficult. I watched as France swallow up Hannover, Spain, Batavia, HR in 5 years. Not saying it shouldn't happen, but it seems way too easy. Also, Austria had swallowed up almost everything east, west, north and south of it (all the way to Tunisia) at the same time.

    You can change leader names but why not Unit names... Line Infantry 6 charging off the HMS IWANNANEWNAME loses a little of the flair. Just a thought though.

    Maybe a better way to indicate where you can attack from or to. I spent too much time trying to unload my troops into Denmark and it not letting me regardless of the zone I was coming from. But maybe that is just my ignorance.

    PAUSE/ORDER or a speed slider in battle. Yeah, I know... another one who's not necessarily a click-monster.

    Not sure if this is something I'm missing or not but can you ever group multiple ships together. It gets a wee bit annoying having to move every ship in a "fleet" each turn one sea zone at a time.

    Anyhoo, those are just some initial ideas, but I still love the game so anyway. One thing might be nice (again, not sure if I haven't caught it yet) but is to have more options with espionage, etc. I watched France gobble up Spain in no time and it would be nice to fund a revolt or something like that....

    Anyway, have fun!

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    I have only been playing this for a few hours, but already I see some things that could be fixed. Some of them have already been said...

    ~A pause option in battle. It would be nice to pause the battle to get a better view of what’s going on around you, just incase some random division is routing or whatever. Also, if I need to go to the bathroom, I have to wait until the battle is over. That hurts sometimes. hehe. I know your trying to make it the most realistic possible, but a pause option would be nice.

    ~I think we should be able to choose from more than the 6 or so countries that you start with. This isn’t a big deal, but more options would be cool.

    ~I don’t know if it’s just me, but the rifles seem too accurate. I thought that early 19th century weapons were extremely inaccurate.

    That’s pretty much what I would like to see changed, there is others, but most of them have already been said.

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    Personally I rather like that you can only play as one of the big empires of the time, and that the rest are everyone's playthings to invade or manipulate. I think we should focus this thread on dire issues, not just wishlist things that will probably be modded.

    For the record, Pause & Command is an extremely important feature of any strategy game such as this, and it's omission is a big mistake on part of the developers--especially in light of the fast-paced battles.

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    I apologize for pre-judging here, but after reading the posts in this and other forums, I'm appalled at what I've seen. No speed slider? No pause and command? No morale?

    From what I've seen from the screenshots and features, it sounds as if you, the developers, put a lot of loving detail into this game. It deserves its audience. However, I for one, will not be buying the game until things like speed, pause and morale are addressed.

    Here's hoping, because there is so much potential.

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    Some things to enhance the game?

    OK - I have not had a chance to play the ship battles so any issues there will come soon - I'm more the land battle general type so here's my pennies since it was requested:

    A) Controls! We have got to have better controls of the men. I'd really like to be able to be creative and set up a thin line for a wall of guns if I am down to no men or thicken them up if I have a sufficient number. Otherwise I really like the idea that you can not get the men in certain formations because they lack either experience or education to do so. That is a very realistic part of the game in my opinion.

    1) Get a time slider for single player. I really hate waiting for men to come from one side of the field to the next to attack or climb a hill. It would be nice to be able to speed that up just to get in more real tactical battle time.

    2) Morale is urgently needed. I still can not appreciate a group of warriors with no guns and no real experience staying on the field after seeing all their partners blasted to bits by artillery or by guns.

    3) Shut the guy off who's talking crap from the sidelines - I don't need someone to tell me my troops are being slaughtered. I need to be able to sense it another way. In the Napoleanic era, I don't think the radio walkie talkie existed so I'd prefer to see the battle and keep an eye on my men and read their thoughts somehow. Otherwise, informing me of the obvious and sometimes not so obvious is annoying.

    4) When picking men for a quick battle or MP battle, please make it easier to choose your men and give them experience. It takes more time to pick one unit, give it experience and then want the same for the next unit but have to click click click to get experience. I know it's pick a man click the experience, but I'd rather cut down on that if possible - is that where people mention the "click-monster"?

    5) Please increase number of players per side to three or more. a 2 v 2 is okay but the more the merrier. The CPU will tell us what we can host and cannot (by crashing or whatever) but we have got to be able to do better than just 2 v 2.

    6) Please make a lobby so I can talk to people and hook-up for a fight. Perhaps it is a lobby but it was empty when I went in - no one was playing MP -- must still be getting used to the controls.

    7) If you do something about morale, make sure you give us an ability to call back routers that have more experience or guts. I don't want morale to just see the enemy rout but to kind of provide more strategy on a field of battle. This will be great when working with others on a team...some of you know why.

    8) The accuracy with muskets and big bangers is crazy in this game. However, I think the accuracy should increase with experience but the blast should still provide some fear to those with or without guns depending on if they are being shot in the arse or flank or head on with no way to bust back.

    9) Now I love war games and tactics but I am not that far up on this era. Were the horsemen able to bust shots from horseback? Magnificent seven style? Could be a devastating charge- BLAST while charging and knock off a few more blocks.

    I really like the sickness of the guys shot struggling on the ground. If you guys like that, why not try some horsemen falling off horses and their horses being captured or fleeing the field without a man. *shrug* Just a little dime for much later after we see more from Eidos and Pyro collabos.

    Take care all.

    I'll stop there, but

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    Speed Slider .... Pause .... Moral....

    Start with that for sure.... I will buy the game after pause to give orders and speed slider are added or the price point is 19.99 which ever comes first. You could sell me a copy for 40.00 tomorrow if you patched it tonight
    Otherwise I have the fortitude to withstand an impulse purchase.

    Your game suffers the dubious distinction of falling into my favorite category of games... so I am here on this site in anticipation... after seeing the faults and playing the demo, I can wait. Normally I would just see a game on the shelf and buy it then be disappointed and hope for a patch.... I actually dl one demo in 30 games I buy.

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    a disingage command would be very useful. Maybe it is just me, but i cannot disingage a unit when it is fighting.

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    Originally Posted by Paolai
    a disingage command would be very useful. Maybe it is just me, but i cannot disingage a unit when it is fighting.
    Well, if you're talking about melee (hand-to-hand) combat then that is intended, as it's kind of hard to turn and run (and get bayonetted in the back). I think cavalry should have some sort of command like this though--they might suffer more casualties as they disengage, but they are faster than infantry units.

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    Well surely a disingage command means more casualities, but sometimes it is better to save just some men instead to loose all of them.

    Yes and especially for the cavs it is very important to have the possibility to disingage.

    A disingage command is necessary imho.

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    camera acceleration

    is it me or is the camera a real pain? why can't all strategy game ship with WSAD quake style cameras? sod the acceleration, i cant control anything! is it just me? by all means have multiple camera modes, but what I wouldnt give to be able to have mouselook in this game (or are these all options I can't find?)
    please add mouselook and a toggle for camera inertia in the inevitable patch!

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    3 priorities to fix in the patch

    I've been playing for 2 days straight now, and here are the top 3 thing I'd like changed:

    1. When the computer is doing its turns on the strategic map, the map jumps all over! They programmed the screen to center on the piece moving. This is terrible design because it's like the world is having a seizure. If the pieces moving are on the screen - THEN DON'T MOVE THE MAP - JUST MOVE THE PIECE. Yikes. Mucho annoying.

    The map should only move if the piece moving isn't on the screen when it moves. Especially because I'm sure most players set the computer to move its pieces fast.

    2. Customizable keys. It's hard to believe that in the year 2005 a game would ship without customizable keys. For example, in World of Warcraft you can make any key command into any other key command you want. That way people can do the camera how they want, movement, etc. The battlefield controls are not to my liking - so let me change them! This is basic commonsense interface design courtesy.

    3. The most boring part of the game is waiting for your troops to march into battle. Then when you get into battle, things happen too quickly. You've probably heard this a million times, but this is where a speed slider is necessary. A toggle key so you can toggle to speed up the game till you get close to the enemy, then slow it down to normal to fight.

    "Normal" speed, btw, needs to be a little slower than what it's set at now. You've kind of crippled the game here.

    Some people want to pause and give orders - and that's one way to play. I would prefer to slow it down a little and not pause. You can easily accomodate both playing styles...and you really should.

    The only reason you (and I mean the designers) won't change it is because you want to shoot yourself in the foot and sabatoge sales of the game.

    It shouldn't even be a queston. A game like this without a speed slider is like selling a car with only one gear.

    There are other minor interface problems, but these are the three main things that make me not want to play anymore.

    Oh, and the other major problem: HOW ABOUT A MANUAL? The pdf file that comes with the game has very little information. We need to know things like what the different governments do, more info on how combat works, etc.

    You should be glad people like the game enough to want to fix it.

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