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Thread: The Patch/suggestion Thread

The Patch/suggestion Thread

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    Originally Posted by cliffski
    is it me or is the camera a real pain? why can't all strategy game ship with WSAD quake style cameras? sod the acceleration, i cant control anything! is it just me? by all means have multiple camera modes, but what I wouldnt give to be able to have mouselook in this game (or are these all options I can't find?)
    please add mouselook and a toggle for camera inertia in the inevitable patch!
    I have to agree with you on that. The camera control is a bit odd to get use to. The camera should be able to:
    1. turn in incriments of 3 degrees for a full 360 degrees
    2. pan out more during the map and in the battles. The current settings causes blind spots on places you should see.

    That's all I really want is the ability to turn the camera at an angle to a full 360 degrees. Also, to pan out more in the map, you should be able to get the whole map on your screen. I also have to ask for the same in the battle mode. I am not the only one who has to keep flickering left or right view because you are being out flanked simply because you cannot see enough of the battle field. Or you can only see your army or the battle on an angle instead of a straight overhead view.

    Please help, I know that all these post might be overwhelming but most of them that your read have do offer help in how to make the game better and, they do mean well.

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    generally the game is pretty good, but it could be much better with a few small tweaks. Adding drummers or bagpipers is a must, and its silly that a 2D RTS like cossacks had them and this game does not. pause and command or a game speed is a must. One thing nobody has mentioned is the limber speed. It seems abit pointless to need to unlimber a gun (not horse drawn) if i can get it done in 1 second. a 5-10 second setup time for cannon would add a lot more tactics to deploying your artillery.
    Personally I'd like to geta precise bodycount as a mouseover on the casualty bars in the battle interface.
    I agree about the dorky voice "your men are getting slaughtered". yeah, I noticed, thanks.
    I actually really dislike the flags bobbing up and down thing. Its blatantly nicked from total war, and a bit off-putting. I'd rather have proper standard bearers, ideally affecting morale.
    Seems to me like a good game that got rushed out at the last minute. I know what thats like from a developers POV, but froma customers POV its no excuse. Ideally a decent patch could really boost the games appeal.

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    This is something that the modding community may do but as an added bonus "for those of us who don't care about realism" it would be nice to have some sort of game editor to allow us to pick and choose clothing and the color of the clothing. Also a map editor would be nice.

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    Negotiating Commercial Deals, Pause, Camera Control

    The only thing which has been driving me nuts is in the dipomacy screen; please give us a way to toggle gold/resources in increments of more than 10 when negotiating commercial deals. It is very time consuming to have to click the "+" and "-" boxes to get the numbers up into the high hundreds and thousands. It breaks the pace of the game.

    Being able to issue orders while game is paused would be great as well as the speed control idea but the lack of these options are not a game killer for me.

    As mentioned previously, being able to strafe/slide the camera left or right with the arrow keys. The way it is set up now it seems redundant with two ways to turn the camers left and right (move mouse left/right, use left/right arrow keys). It is tough when you want to move slightly to left or right and you first have to turn the camera in that direction, then move forward, then turn the camera back the way you want to face. This is very time consuming in the heat of battle -especially so in a game where you cannot pause and issue orders. It also makes it tough to enjoy the beautiful graphics of the battles. Many times, when my troops are in the thick of it, I do not have time to fuss with the camera so I am settling for a less than desirable view of the battle in order to stay in control and keep my guys from getting creamed.

    These are just my wishes for things to see in a patch. I do love the game and it is perfectly playable straight out of the box.

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    Make the game about tactical strategy on the battlefield...

    The voice that says I am losing the battle is interesting.

    He says it even before the combat begins (while men are walking to the scrimmage line).

    This tells me one thing, because it seems to happen whenever I have less men than the enemy, and that is that the game is set-up to win based on number of men versus strategy and tactics.

    I believe nations with the strongest pride and morale have faced difficult odds and overcome them throughout history. Creativity is always a must when the odds are against you. So, please patch this game to be an RTS Real Time Strategy (on the battle field) and not just a QUICK bout with the enemy where the enemy gives and takes accurate shots on the noggin and where they have more men in the first place auto win. That is pretty ridiculous and it's sad if this game stays the way it is because unlike console games I can not trade this one in because it is ultimately software.

    I somewhat like the strategy on the economic and diplomatic side so I will keep playing and seeing how that goes. I am trying to see what is up with the game as soon as possible so you guys won't have to patch it a number of times. But hey - we all do what we gotta - so you do your job and develop and tweak and I'll continue to convey the issues and any suggestions to repair where I can -- and I'll do my best not to compare to other games although there are other games (much older than this one) that have such detail it makes me wonder why this game does not have such a degree.

    Take care all.

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    The developers would do well to take a leaf out of a very successful Napoleonic engine - Waterloo: Napoleon's Last Battle and Austerlitz: Napoleon's Greatest Victory.

    1) Pause and command option. Makes life much easier. There are naturally RTS anoraks who insist upon every game being a clickfest and "He who clicks fastest wins". Strategy gamers tend to enjoy the thinking aspect - to have your plans foiled because you can't click fast enough around the map is nothing but infuriating.

    2) Speed slider. Same commentary as above.

    3) Morale. Enough has been said. At Austerlitz, I believe most of the Russian casualties were incurred when the fleeing troops escaped across the frozen lake, which was promptly fired upon by French artillery.

    4) Ability to rally routed troops. Should take quite a while.

    Other non-gameplay option points:

    5) Map shouldn't bounce about in the Imperial Management mode.

    6) More historical AI. Austria going all the way to Tunisia???? Ridiculous. Maybe it should be impossible for the European powers to annex any territory outside Europe (i.e. Asian Turkey, Middle East and North Africa) but only to appoint a puppet state there?

    7) Larger battles. This would definitely require pause and command. It's difficult to be imagining that you're replaying Jena-Auerstadt, Wagram, Borodino and Leipzig when you're fighting with a measly few battalions. Naturally it would be silly to have hundreds of thousands of men on the map, but a larger army would be more conducive to simulating the gargantuan battles of the later years. This would presumably require either battalion sizes to be boosted or for the battle to involve a greater number of battalions. Having to hotkey more than 10 battalions may be a problem though.

    8) Customisable hotkeys. Self explanatory.

    Most urgently needed of course are the speed sliders and pause and command options. Morale would be great but I'd still be happy if that were not until patch 1.02.

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    The only thing which has been driving me nuts is in the dipomacy screen; please give us a way to toggle gold/resources in increments of more than 10 when negotiating commercial deals. It is very time consuming to have to click the "+" and "-" boxes to get the numbers up into the high hundreds and thousands. It breaks the pace of the game.
    Just click the number with the mouse, and type in the amount on the keyboard.

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    Thanks Sharpe

    Thanks Sharpe! That's so simple I have to laugh at myself for being so dumb!

    I tried a half dozen key combinations trying to figure it out. In my defense it was 3 AM.

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    Originally Posted by The Red Menace
    Gameplay speed definately needs to be adjustable.

    Also, I use a laptop to play. I don't have a mouse, I use a touchpad. As such I can't figure out how to zoom in and out with the camera. It doesn't look like IG allows the user to adjust the hotkeys. It would be great if I could set the hotkeys to my liking.
    I'll second that, though at the moment I can't even play the battles due to the lock up bug

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    Webrider, I'm in the same boat. This game covers my favorite period of military history and I really want to love it and own it; however; I simply wont buy it if the tactical combat is a frantic clickfest and devoid of all reality. I can easily wait for a patch/mod to see if my concerns are addressed. If not I will simply satisfy my Napoleonic cravings with Crown of Glory and Empires in Arms in a few months. I would like to own this game as well but time will tell.

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    Please add me to list of people who will run out & buy it right away just as soon as an active pause & a speed slider are added

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    Speed Slider


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    great game , but really surprised one cannot reassign keys???

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    This game seems to be a very promising one.
    After the first few hours, the main things that need to be changed are, of course:
    - to add a speed slider and to be able to issue commands during pause.
    - Morale (I really do not understand how a militia unit can fight to the last man )

    Maybe it's moddable, but a map editor would be fine (by the way, I really do not understand how a spanish developer named the two regions of Portugal Alentejo and Algarve), and the ability to play all nations also.

    Finnaly, and RTW fans should know what I am talking:
    - At least IG AI does not reassess after loading a saved game
    - Let's hope Eidos/Pyros do not belong to the 2 patch club

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    Upon closer examination

    The speed slider is a must have or giving orders while it's paused.

    Moral is also a must add.

    As to the melee try this run a single melee unit in front of your Light infantry or Line all the enemy units are required to charge it and non of your friendly musket fire hits your own guys.

    In the early game no piont in taking anything but militia as your units aren't powerful enouf until you get the double line formation upgrade (thats one line kneeling and one line standing. If you think the melee units are over powered try the Riflemen at 2-3 stars in a building, with a grenadier unit in front.

    6lb. and 12 lb. cannons are not nearly as good as they should be they are too short range and if you aren't going to allow them to shoot over the heads of friendly troops at least give them canister shot. A could throw canaster out 100 yards.

    Infantry are too fast it's like they are all track stars I think they should be slowed down about 15% but it's ok as is.

    I can't believe how hard it is to capture enemy artillary pieces. They have to be alive,then the computer has to order a withdrawl, then you have to pursue then you have a chance to capture I fought a battle against the computer he had 12 howitzers I had 120 grenadiers I charged destroyed them in melee but I guess the bayonets damaged the guns too much If you take guns with infantry in melee then you should have a chance of capturing the guns cavlry taking them in melee should have a greater chance as the gunners would have less time to spike the guns. The best would be if the crews are killed in melee the guns are left on the map and soldiers within a certain distance at the end of of the battle capture them automaticlly for there side.

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    Oops and this

    If I'm annexing Austria or any other major power. I've been camped around the capital for about 9 months when the computer brings in another army group. Why do I have to fight my way back into the city every time after you take the city once then you should be the defender unless it's a peoples uprising. Then they should start all around you and your holding the palace giving them that whif of grape!

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    I personally haven't had an issue with the speed of the enemy. At times I have noticed the enemy covering more ground then normal at march speed. My army seems to be marching at baby steps compared to the enemy's approach. The AI seems to cover more ground then my army and, can reach me before I can obtain a stragetic position. Now if my army covered as much ground as the AI it would not be an issue. This is ofset by having my army to run at the start of battle giving me some advantage. It appears to me that this is a minor fix and if the file was editable (with note pad) we do it ourselves (hint-hint).

    We need the ability to strafe the battle field. Enough about that

    We need the ability to allow AI to control some units (for larger armies) during battle. For example: I would like cannons to auto fire by allowing the AI to pick and choice enemy targets (keeping them distracted) while I try to out flank them. All I need to to do is tell it to cease fire or disable AI until I need it again.

    We need a map and character editor (this should be a more of a free download then patch). This can and WILL add tilt to the game.

    We need greater height (pan out view) of the map screen and battle screen.

    We need an option to accelerate time/decelerate time, time compression.
    Now for the map screen:
    It should take 1 month after you occupy enemy territory before you or AI annex it. It's not fun losing all that hard work you put into that land just to lose it all in 1 turn of occupation.

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    Originally Posted by acurafool
    ~I don’t know if it’s just me, but the rifles seem too accurate. I thought that early 19th century weapons were extremely inaccurate.
    I think this also ties into the problem that battles go too quickly. I was also dissapointed with the fact that I haven't seen a unit be routed in the game yet, so I am assuming that this attribute was not added into the game.

    Ship battles are quite frustrating, too.

    Range for cannons definately needs to be increased. I'm constantly mowing down my own men because the range of the cannons is too low, and if I don't have something around them, they are open and vulnerable to attack.

    The battle system is atrocious when compared to RTS gold like the Total War series. It's saddening that it shipped with a system so obviously lacking. I'm sick and tired of having to fight over that same stupid village every time a battle is fought in Poland. Terrain should have some degree of randomization and uniqueness to it.

    The game's strong suit is definately in its diplomacy feature. In all other RTS I've played, I could never get the diplomacy card to work to my advantage, with the exception of Europa Universalis and its sequel. When playing games like the Total War series, I constantly find myself pitted against every single other nation. It gets to the point where the game isn't a realistic political or war environment, it becomes Me vs the AI. IG has a diplomacy system that lets the player flow from war to peace and from one alliance to another freely, and it shines for it.

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    Originally Posted by Svend Karlson
    Please add me to list of people who will run out & buy it right away just as soon as an active pause & a speed slider are added
    The space key is the pause button and you can adjust the speed of battles by accessing the game options feature in the options menu (hit escape during either at the main menu, the campaign map, or during a battle or click the gear icon).

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    Originally Posted by The Red Menace
    The space key is the pause button and you can adjust the speed of battles by accessing the game options feature in the options menu (hit escape during either at the main menu, the campaign map, or during a battle or click the gear icon).
    Active pause i.e. the ability to issue orders whilst paused.

    The speed still does not go slowly enough on the slowest setting - that is my experience from the demo & from opinions of people who own the full game.

    Right now for me it's like Ground Control II - I can see why other people would enjoy them, but for me the battles are just frustrating & not enjoyable.

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    I'm going to have to be the odd one out here and say I am really enjoying the majority of the game so far and I am a long way into my first campaign (1819) on medium difficulty. The diplomacy is superb! This is the first war RTS where I have been able to play a decent mixed combo of peaceful annexation with the odd war only where absolutely necessary to move a stalemate along.

    I am really just not that bothered by the troop movement speed. It doesn't stop me winning battles and moving the game forward (which is what I want) and provided you have a balanced army of cav/art/inf you should be able to deal with most eventualities. I actually prefer not having the pause/command feature, for me that feels too easy and spoils the flow of a battle. I like getting into a mess and then pulling a success out of what looked hopeless on the battlefield at the start, very satisfying. Considering the small size of the armies fielded on each side in even the largest battles I am surprised most people are clamouring for pause/command. I can easily control the small forces on the screen. If they do increase the size of armies in a patch that might be the time to add pause/command, but for me right now it is manageable and OK.

    Morale does seem to be working at some level. I have had many occasions where a unit has pulled out of a fight and reformed itself behind my main defensive line - they are surely doing that because their morale dropped and they sensibly retreated ? Is no-one else seeing this kind of activity ?

    For me sea battles have become an autocalc feature. I commanded the first few bettles myself, but it did get tiresome chasing the enemy in ever decreasing circles around the map. Oh and why do ships drop off the edge of the world ?? Seems an odd feature to build in whereby if you get too close to the edge of the sea battle area you suddenly lose because in the heat of the battle you could not keep your eyes on the minimap to make sure you were still within it - thats just crazy

    One request - can we have more sieges? Maybe I have just not come across that many forts yet as I am largely annexing by peaceful means, but there do seem to be very few of the huge star-shaped style forts that played a big part in many Napoleonic campaigns. I really miss a good artillery shoot out and storming the fort type siege.

    Other than the above I am really loving this gameplay so far

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    Looking to buy the game, however I would request:

    1) I am a sure buy if pause/command is added.

    2) After reading this I would like to see fully customisable keys, including what the camera does when you move the mouse to the right/left edge. I would really value turn rather than step sideways. That way, the similar games I have can be the same controls.

    Looking forward to see what you do with it...

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    The whole map is available to view and means the idea of moving cavalry behind woods or hills to flank or support an infantry charge, is a waste of time.

    There needs to be either a line of sight camera or a restrictive camera that can only see what you could see in real life. This would allow you to move stealthly around the map and surprise your enemy

    Hide in woods - unseen (in game - seen)
    Move to outflank - unseen (in game - seen)
    Use terrain to hide movement - unseen (in game - seen)

    100% of movement on map - (in game - seen)

    - a key part of the era, was flanking movements and unseen movement, this game has none.

    Needs addressing.

    Plus please allow for an additional speed slider or a few settings :

    Gamespeed 50% - 100%

    would help some of the MP whingers who lose and moan everything happens to fast, forgetting it works both ways in a MP game.

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    My wife and I have played the demo at length and now have the full version of the game.

    We agree with many other's on the forum that there is a need for a pause/command system.

    At least one contributor has asked for a menu item allowing for the switching off of the annoying commentator/narrator. I have silenced this irratating know-it-all's comments by deleting the folder on my hard disc that contains his sound files (of course keeping a backup copy!). So far I had no problems from undertaking this satisfing exercise.

    There have also been one or two contributors that say they would only buy the game in its current form if it became much cheaper (£20). There is at least on online shop (Play247) who is offering the game at £17.99 inc p&p! And, no, I do not work for that store! But I do buy stuff from them on a regular basis.

    By the way we love this game! Its the only RTS game my wife will play!

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