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Thread: New trailer online!!

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    Thumbs Up omfg

    It's blessed - my dialup stayed connected long enough to download the whole new trailer, from start to finish! And ... I am speechless. Speechless! Except to say , and that's tongue hanging out, not sticking out.


    I have to watch it again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny
    Hey, Cat! Presenting the new 'do...

    The first picture depicts the braid we all know and love. The next two images depict the imposter! LOL!

    Those are great pictures, Johny, and thanks. I forgot where I asked the question, hehehe, and answered it myself (without the very nice red circles ) in another thread named, surprisingly, "Some Questions Answered. " .

    I actually LIKE her ponytail and braid both, and girls with long hair don't ALWAYS keep it the same, and she had a bun in TR1, so I am happy.

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