Thread: Latest Official 25 to Life Press Release

Latest Official 25 to Life Press Release

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    Latest Official 25 to Life Press Release


    2Pac, KRS-ONE, Geto Boys, Xzibit, Public Enemy, Ghostface Killah And Other Cutting Edge Artists To Be Featured In First Half Of Driving Hip Hop Soundtrack

    San Francisco, CA (May13, 2005) – Eidos (NASDAQ:EIDSY), one of the world’s leading publishers and developers of entertainment software, today announced the hip hop savvy in-game soundtrack for 25 to Life. An urban third person action game, 25 to Life offers true cops and robbers gameplay with both a deep single player mode as well as full 8 vs. 8 online gameplay. This half of the official soundtrack offers contributions from some of hip-hop’s legendary artists, today’s hottest acts, and up and coming artists blazing new trails into the world of rap and hip-hop. The in-game soundtrack delivers a direction that exemplifies the sound of today’s urban youth.

    "With the first half of the 25 to Life soundtrack we’re laying down the law with a selection of artists that are recognized as some of the most influential in the business,” says Kevin Gill, Soundtrack Supervisor at Eidos. ”It's a hand picked blend of banging tracks as well as exclusively created songs, all coming together to deliver an intense audio experience that compliments the raw nature of the game."

    Officers of law enforcement have their sound defined in this first half of the 25 to Life soundtrack. Hip hop’s heaviest hitters have been compiled to create an authentic music experience for gamers and music enthusiasts alike. The voice of the urban youth is what Hip-Hop has always been about. By artists tackling the hard topics head on and not being afraid to bring the gritty nature of street life to the people direct from the source, the message has remained consistent. The sound of 25 to Life looks to encapsulate that philosophy, and deliver it in an exciting new medium. The following is the list of confirmed artists lending their talents to the first half of the official in-game soundtrack:

    Track listing:

    KRS-ONE – Black Cop
    2Pac featuring Nutso – Ghetto Star
    Gangstarr - Code of the Streets
    Geto Boys - Yes Yes Ya’ll
    Ghostface Killah featuring Jadakiss – Run
    Public Enemy – Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos
    Xzibit – Enemies
    Jackpot – To the Finish
    UTP Playas – Nolia Clap
    Tech N9ne – My Wife My * My Girl
    Tego Caldron – Circa De Mi Neighborhood
    Grafh – Bad Company
    Shade Sheist & N.U.N.E. – You Got
    Locura Terminal - Prisonero
    Blaze feat/Esham and ABK - Shot-gun

    25 To Life is currently in development by Avalanche Software and will be available for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, the Xbox® video game system from Microsoft and Windows PC in the Summer of 2005 worldwide. For additional information please visit

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    Not what I wanted to read...

    "Summer of 2005"

    How about a press release with an actual release date in it?

    The music in the game is cool and all, but are we ever going to get this game?

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    Dude calm down. The game will come just wait a few more months.

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    Swingin the Hatchet

    real glad to see Blaze ABK and Esham in the mix, but i'm still hoping for some more clown love

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    if they threw in ICP, i would have to play it with mute on all the time... you never know when someone will turn on a boombox near you with that horrible excuse for rap blaring...

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    or instead of just posting to crap on something, you could attempt to do something better, instead of talking on the internet

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    BLAZE YA DEAD HOMIE recorded an original track just for 25 to life

    so thats some good news for the juggalos out there
    <HiT> _casper_

  8. Exclamation sweet

    that is some wicked ***** hey vizzion !!!!!!!!??????

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    Originally Posted by Hatchetwarrior313
    that is some wicked ***** hey vizzion !!!!!!!!??????

    whattup ninja? i know i'll be seein you on this ish online
    <HiT> _casper_

  10. sup Juggalo glad to see a homie on here....u goin to the gathering this year?

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    i wish, i cant afford to, plus i was gon drive out there and my car died
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    so what is the release date?anybody know?

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    check gamespot or gamespy, they always know.

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    unless you see it on there, the dates not official

    those other sites only give estimated dates, but as far as i know its gonna come out some time in october
    <HiT> _casper_

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    yeah what vizzion say i dont preorder or whatever ma homies in ma click got it reorderd to liek 5 of them o and join msa and i wont kill ya * jus messin chill GOSH holla at ya boi

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    haha ya know what kidd, i'll join MSA (i'm playin on Ps2 myself) instant message me or some
    <HiT> _casper_

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    iight * u da second person to join i sent u a aim whatever so holla back

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    No need to call people names. Anyway if you look at EB games it says October 4th or 5th (I can't remember).

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    Its coming out the 4th.

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    Originally Posted by mr.jokedyjokemaker1
    Its coming out the 4th.
    of october

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    LILhOMie14 Guest


    did u see on eidos it said sept. den oct. donno sooo confuzed!!!!!!

    dey jus changed i think or im freakin out

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    That's old news dude.

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    Any more press releases coming?

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    Originally Posted by TracK*
    Any more press releases coming?
    I don't think so but if you wanted to see when things will be updated on the press then go to gamespy, ign, gamespot.