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Thread: Legend Trailer Grabs & Observations

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    Legend Trailer Grabs & Observations

    What a great trailer!
    There are so many details that you can obtain from it.
    You notice something different each time you watch it

    Tomb Raider Within Tomb Raider:

    Grey Cross When No Clear Target:

    Red Circle With Clear Lock-On:

    I wonder who the character on the right is and there is also another mounted machine gun on the left (Great Stuff!!!):
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    I agree! I have watched it over and over. I downloaded the fullscreen version and it is just amazing - I have not tired of it, even after 40 or 50 viewings, and keep discovering new details everytime I watch.

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    Big Grin

    Those are really good grabs, Blue Skies. I am impressed! I love seeing stuff like that in an endgame. I hope this one is FULL of easter eggs and easter bunnies and all.

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