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Thread: Upcoming Interview With Toby Gard

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    Upcoming Interview With Toby Gard

    Small bit of info, but I had a look at the UK edition of 'Official XBOX Magazine' today and they say that they will be featuring an exclusive interview with Toby Gard in the next edition (released on the 18th May).

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    Thanks, will watch with interest.

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    Excellent, something else to look forward too! Thanks for the heads up.

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    He's a popular guy

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    "... debut this summer"

    this summer ?!!


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    This summer? I could have sworn Eidos stated in one of their press releases that TR7 was delayed until the end of this year.

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    Red Face (Embarrassed)

    this summer
    A throw-away phrase that will be dissected to death until the game comes out. Whenever that may be.

    Oh well, I'll just chalk up another reason to enter X-box territory.

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    if u go here : it says this winter!! so i really dont think that it will be any earlier than that

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    X-Mas! Around X-Mas would be perfect.


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    From the screenshots, I can already see Toby's influence on this game. There's just something about the look of it all that brings back something of the thrill I got from the first game (and that was seriously missing from TR2!) Okay, maybe I'm just imagining things because I want to be excited, but really, when I saw some of those screenshots of Lara standing by the waterfalls and in those cave-like environments, it just brought me back to how I felt when I was exploring the Lost Valley back in 1996/7. I hadn't gotten that vibe from a TR game in a long time.

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