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Thread: New 'Legend' trailer on MTV this Friday

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    Thumbs Up New 'Legend' trailer on MTV this Friday

    Word from Mike informs us that this Friday 29 April 05, MTV and will be running a new trailer for Tomb Raider: Legend. The full trailer will be available on subsequently.


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    GREAT news!!!

    Thanks for the info.
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    What's MTV got to do with anything?
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    The XBOX 2 (XBOX 360) media launch will also be on MTV.
    I guess game company marketing types thing that we all watch that channel....HA!!!

    If you are interested in all things XBOX 2 you can see the supposed final design here:

    And news about 'Perfect Dark Zero' being a launch title here:

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoranAgar
    What's MTV got to do with anything?
    It's what the younger generation watch's presumably , Can't see why it isn't simultaneously on
    But I look forward to seeing it.

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    Big Grin

    (even more giddy! giddy!) Do we have a time? Plus is that MTV UK or USA? It had better be UK!!!!!!!!!
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