Thread: Eidos Fix the Nvidia problem with a patch

Eidos Fix the Nvidia problem with a patch

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    Rolleyes Eidos Fix the Nvidia problem with a patch

    Hey just wanted to send a big shout out to the programmers at Eidos, and Guerrilla. I feel that there professional work ethic that involves blaming another company (nvidia) for there game not running properly is to be commended. Because Nvidia could not possible know what the !@#$ there doing, being such a new and disreputable company. To the executives at Eidos I can see how you would save money by not developing a patch for a game that is sold for $60 CDN. You executives have the for site to see that even if a game does not run properly gamers will continue to buy new games published by yourselves, because the general gamer has the IQ of a two year old.

    Oh ya and one more thing, Eidos; that Tomb Raider movie money must keep rolling in, because that is the only source of income I can see you having, as the gaming world is giving you the big FU until you fix shellshock's problem.


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    Of course nvdia doesn't know what's it doing it's not like it's their job or anything


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    Don't worry about it, the game isn't good anyways. You won't be missing much. Just sell it on ebay and make $2
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