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Thread: Square Enix Store Issues and Questions

Square Enix Store Issues and Questions

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    Square Enix Store Issues and Questions

    Having trouble with your order?
    Get in touch with customer support here (NA) or here (EU).



    I consider myself to be a collector of Japanese-style action figures by character rather than particular brand loyalty. This means that I have my Figmas displayed with my SH Figuarts and other figures of similar size scale. I'm not about to knock the quality of Square's figure product but rather my awful experience with trying to order from their store. I had previously purchased figures such as Lightning [XIII] and Bayonetta from local stores in my area. I felt compelled to purchase the XIII-2 version of Lightning and, upon learning of the likely 'street date' in local stores, realized I could save myself time and order from SE directly in mid January.

    Here's what happened: I received a $100 pre-paid credit card from a relative over Christmas break and I felt that I could use it to order the figure in question. I register with the SE store, learn that the transactions are handled through a secondary service, and proceed to enter in the necessary information. I was pissed to learn that, with shipping, the $50 figure cost just under $68, but I'm no stranger to jacked-up prices. Everything seemed to have proceeded normally until I received a notification that the peripheral bank didn't recognize my card. I double-checked with American Express to verify the card's number and decided that I would just go without the figure. However, this was just the start of a long ordeal.

    I found out the following day [A sunday] that SE was still holding onto the value of the order from the card when I checked the value left. My experience with other on-line stores told me that I could likely resolve the situation with tech support on the upcoming monday. Ironically enough, I used the remaining value on my card to pay for FF-XIII Collector's Edition. Here's where the bull starts: I called the necessary tech support and they claimed that they could manually make the order go through since the exact value necessary was in their possession from my end. I said that I wanted the order to occur and I received an email from SE claiming it was being processed. However, after that, SE went silent about any details. I got in contact only briefly with the London-based offshore bank and they were useless because, I kid you not, they are 'unaware' of how a prepaid credit card works. I later realized that spending the rest of the card is to blame for the bank's inability to verify my order, but that is no excuse for what ensued.

    I called SE multiple times to various claims of 'yes and no' about the state of my order, if at all, because the amount for the order was 'held' for over a month. Most companies exercise a 'one week until drop' period, but this wasn't the case with SE. They eventually went 'silent' on my case and I had to involve American Express's fraud department to get my money returned to my card.

    I ultimately wasted 40 days of my life trying to get the damn figure. There is no way I would ever trust SE with my actual credit card information because of the peripheral bank in question. Some of you may realize that the bank in question is infamous for screwing over WoW gamers in billing. Have I managed to obtain the figure by other means? No and I have lost any motivation to search for it. I used the returned funds to order the first of the SH Figuart's Gokaiger line and I have no regrets. Great job, SE! You drove me to buy a competitor's product! What a showy gesture!

    So... Who else has had a horrible experience with the store?* *
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    Problems with Digital River? I've had plenty with one single transaction. Thankfully never from Square Enix's side though, but CAPCOM uses the same "e-commerce" folks for their online sales.

    I preordered Okamiden from them under the pretenses that they wouldn't charge ahead of time, despite this they did put a hold for the amount on the card which of course I had to pay. Two months later, there was a blog post about Okamiden being backordered and how some people that preordered late will receive a shipment later on.

    Figured since I had it preordered months in advance I'd have it secured, especially since I paid for two-day shipping, but I was wrong. Digital River considered my preorder one of the later ones. When discussing this with my friend of mine, that preordered no more than a week in advance of it coming out, he was getting his on release. Despite preordering and paying in full more than eight weeks before him, his was considered a higher priority. I sent an email about this to one of their reps and was told that wasn't possible; and suggested that my friend was lying to me. When his game arrived, it was pretty clear that he wasn't -- aside from seeing the email in person too.

    Then it turns out there was an issue with the preorder bonuses. CAPCOM said that if people wanted their games sooner, they needed to remove it from their order, but I figured that will all the mistakes that happened to other people, I would never receive it. Glad I didn't. Anyways, five weeks after the game was released, I received my fully paid, preordered game.

    Problems still happened from that though. Checking my monthly statement, there was yet another charge for it. I called my bank to ask if that was just the hold actually going through or a second charge and they confirmed it was a second charge. Emailed DR and they said there was never a second charge and that I was never charged back when I preordered... showed them my original statement and was told that was an authorized charge and that I would not receive the game for free due to preordering late.

    I had no idea what he was talking about at the time. But apparently there's this thing about unauthorized charges on your account being compensated with your order becoming free. I didn't want that, I just wanted to be charged once for the one copy of the game or at least get a second one.

    They wouldn't budge at all, but thankfully my bank was kind enough to reverse it for me. I know it's not CAPCOM's fault for Digital River's incompetence, but I still won't buy any game from them "new". They'll get their money from me via DLC anyways, right?

    Anyways, never preorder anything from Digital River based store. I know there are some nifty things like from EA that go up and go down fast, but no. Amazon or bust.

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    I've had problems with Digital River as well. I remember making an order back in December and waiting for weeks until they cancelled it. That sucked because they held my money for so long, only for the order to be cancelled. The same thing might happen again with my current order, which I ordered on June 4th. There's still no update on the order. I don't want it cancelled again as I do want the items.

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    Yeah. Digital River is a farce.

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    Greetings everyone,

    I placed an order with the Square Enix Online Store last month and my package has gone missing. Digital River, the company that runs Square Enix's Online store has been no help at all. They are not reading my emails, and just sending form letter replies repeating the tracking information that shows my package hasn't been scanned since 6/20/12. My credit card was billed when the package shipped and I have NOTHING to show for it. No one at Digital River cares. Is there anyone at Square Enix that can lend me assistance please! I am very frustrated at this point,

    Thanks in advance for any assistance anyone at Square Enix or on these forums can provide,


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    I'll pass on your complaint, but yeah... the online shop needs a bit of work I think.

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    Sorry if this is in the wrong section. Feel free to move it where it should be.

    I've been having problems with the online merchandise shop ever since they switched to its recent layout. No matter what, I can't seem to be able to browse through the Final Fantasy listings on the left column. Clicking on it gets me nowhere and the menu refuses to pop up no matter how long I left the mouse arrow lingering on it. I've tried the latest IE, Firefox, and Google Chrome browsers with no success. Anyone know how I can browse the Final Fantasy sections? The site doesn't even has a search bar to compensate either. Pretty frustrating.

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    I have the same problem with my standard browser (Internet Explorer), but for me the shop always works as it is supposed to in Firefox. I wouldn't mind if it worked in IE too, though...

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    My experience so far with the online store

    So yesterday my friend talked me into trying FFXIV with him. I went and purchased the game on the online shop and everything went through the money was charged to the card I used. What I found odd is that I recieved no confirmation email or anything of the sort. So I waited a few hours.....six hours later still nothing so I sent in a ticket to customer support and went to bed. It's about 16 hours now since I made the purchase and I still have not received a single bit of information about buying the game. It is EXTREMELY frustrating to say the least. I can understand taking time to purchase someone online or verification but over 16 hours is down right rediculous. I have read several other threads with people having the same problem and yet nobody has responded back saying how it worked out for them for the better or the worse. Does anyone have any idea what could be taking so long or is this a common wait time for this online store?

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    im having this too its been 12hours for me and didnt recieve any mail

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    The Process of Back-Orders

    For the pass week I've been looking everywhere for a copy of The World Ends with You, but all the places i've been to sell it for a high price ($40-$59) even though its a old game. So I finally look on the Square Enix store and they had it for a reasonable price. I purchase it, but then it tells me that the game is out of stock and that its placed on backorder. So i was wondering, how long does this take to re-stock on the game (The World Ends With You) and once available does it ship automatically?

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    Originally Posted by Cruller
    For the pass week I've been looking everywhere for a copy of The World Ends with You, but all the places i've been to sell it for a high price ($40-$59) even though its a old game. So I finally look on the Square Enix store and they had it for a reasonable price. I purchase it, but then it tells me that the game is out of stock and that its placed on backorder. So i was wondering, how long does this take to re-stock on the game (The World Ends With You) and once available does it ship automatically?

    ^ This. I did the same exact thing.

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    When I placed my order for Chrono Trigger, it told me it was out of stock and would be shipped as soon as possible. I recieved an email saying it had been shipped two business days later (I placed my order on a Friday) and recieved it in another five business days (so I got the game about 10 days after placing the order). Hope that helps!

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    hey does anybody no how i get my virtual download i payed for it but havent recieved an email or download link and the money has left my account :S

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    Thanks, I hope this is the case with this game. I'll post back here once I get a email telling me that me order has shipped.

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    It's been a week and no new word what so ever about my order. So I cancelled it, but luckily I visited a few gaming stores and found a new copy for $29.99 so everything is good.

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    I need help in what to do with my current order from the Square Enix Store. I placed an order on June 4, 2012 and received an order confirmation email on that same day, but there has been no update on the order since. I've contacted the Square Enix Support site but they weren't a big help. Two weeks after emailing back and forth from SE Support, they send me this message:

    "We apologize, while the product you are referring to is indeed a SQUARE ENIX product, the store that handles those issues has their own support system in place to assist with these types of problems.

    To reach the support site for the SQUARE ENIX GAME STORE/E-STORE, please visit and click on customer service."

    Why they didn't reply with this message in their first email to me, I don't know.

    Anyone ever try using DigitalRiver's customer service? It's such a hassle since their website is tricky. I received my order number from my confirmation email, but I don't even understand what password there is to your order number. If you click the "Forgot password" link, it sends me an email with this:

    "Here is the password you requested: PASSWORD_BASED_ON_ORDER


    I don't understand what that means. So what is my password again? But no worries, I just use my email and last 5 digits of the card I used. Doing that leads me to a summary of my order with the only option of "Process Cancellation."

    I don't want to cancel my order, I want the items I bought. So I contact DigitalRiver through their "Contact Us" link, only to receive automated messages to check my order through customer service. It's now a cycle with no help.

    I contacted SE support again to tell them that I'm not getting any help from Digital River and now I'm waiting for a reply. But I thought I should post this here to somehow escalate my case or something. Maybe there needs to be more complaints for SE to do something about their online store and customer service. I want to buy from their store, but I'm always encountering this problem of not having my order shipped. If anyone else is having problems with their store, post here or make a new thread about it.

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    I was about to order The World Ends With You from Square's official shop, but before I finalized my order I noticed that the game was listed as Out of Stock. So, since I can't seem to find any information about Out of Stock items in the shop, I figured I would post my question here.

    If I order an out of stock game will they actually print the game and ship it off for me, or will I have to wait for the store to restock it? I know quite a few other sites that actually just reserve you a copy until they have enough orders to make a reprint worth wild, and I was just wondering if Square is the same way or not. So... If I order it now will I just have to wait a few extra days for it to be reprinted, or will I actually have to wait for a reprint (which could take weeks/months)?

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    I actually have the same issue since I was planning to order the drammatica music cd. I sent the Square Enix support center an e-mail and they responded saying that a site called handles those things and to use their customer support to reach them. I'm about to contact them now.

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    I also would like to by "The World Ends With You" and its showing Out of stock for me.. I'm not sure how to contact them through that though.

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    I posted about my current order which has some out of stock items in it. It seems that it's on hold now or they just forgot about it since it's been two months already with no update on it. I've already tried contacting SE and then Digital River, but you're not gonna get much help since Digital River only responds with automated messages.

    My advice is to not order if the item is out of stock. This has happened to me several times already when buying out of stock items.

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    When I try to purchase the game I get this message:

    "We're sorry. The payment method selected is not available for your location. Please select another payment method."

    I've used two different credit cards in Michigan.

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    I'm getting the same crap. I'm sorry but my Credit Card is accepted in all 50 states, and you say you support Visa..fix your payment system.

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    Your not the only one, it even has my credit card listed and I can't even purchase the game.

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    Same here. I live in the United States, buy things from stores and the internet with this card daily, and haven't had this problem anywhere, ever, in the years I've had this card.

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