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Dead Mans Hill....

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    Big Grin Dead Mans Hill....

    The Battle For Dead Mans Hill ! In Colour!

    This is a story of the austrian troops defending the kings windmill at -
    Dead Mans Hill

    To the south east of hanover..stands a hill with a wind mill of great importance to the
    King of austria, he has sent an army to defend this and stop the british from taking it.

    Among the men that were sent stood a boy...a boy 19 years of age sent to the front, his name
    was Butch.

    On the horizon stood the British red coats, feared among all armies.

    Little did the austrians know the british had tried to Rush their wind mill and take it
    by suprise through the forest!

    The austrians soon figured out what was happening and sent men to cover their flank which scared off
    the british they thought...

    Before the austrians had time to drink there victory wine the british did a full on charge with their
    cavelry! But were out numberd and beaten..

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    To the southern flank the red coats marched towards butch and his fellow commrads in arms!

    Suddenly the order for the cannons to prepare to fire was given !

    Butch had never seen anything like this before and was amazed at the british manouvers and
    thought they were better than his own army's then before butch could blink a sound deafend his ears! it was
    the sound of cannon fire!

    Total coas had arisen! the british were getting closer and the austrian ranks were ruined because of the early
    cavelry attack!

    The austrians fought a hand to hand battle on the top of Dead Mans Hill with two companys
    fireing from the side...

    Luckily none of their own bullets injured or killed any of their own men...

    With the british beaten back and half of their army destroyed the austrians felt they should promote
    butch to Army general because he had a weird name..

    Butch is the one standing out infront of his men...

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    The british army were setting up their artillary on the far side of the river bank
    awaiting the austrian charge...

    Suddenly butch let out a war cry of " Charge!!!! " and all his men ran forward ...

    Butch led his men through the muddy and bloody water of the river ' death ' as they nick named it

    Unexpectdly the british sent their cavelry into the river Death and attacked butch and his men....

    Butch gatherd the rest of his force and retreated..he would have retreated earlier but it seemed impossible
    to order his men out of a melee...

    As they ran up the hill to the top of Dead Mans Hill british cannons showed no mercy...

    Unfourntually two other close friends of butch's took a direct hit and were blown into the air...


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    AS butch and his new friend looked out over the bloody battlefield and regained their stamina they discussed tactics

    Butch and the sun dance kid made their jounrey towards the british encampment for one last desperate charge..

    But before they could get close enough the british scouts spotted two men dressed in white and hardly believing their eyes
    they did not hesitate to load the guns and get ready to fire, but butch and sun dance didn't know this so they kept on charging...

    As butch looked to the right he saw sun dance get ripped apart and flung into the air like a piece of rag...

    He kept on going for the blood of his men that he split he had to! he had to revenge the death of his fellow austrians! for the king's windmill!

    But before we could get the cameras in quick enough....Butch lay dead yet still the british kept fireing tearing apart his the field of battle...

    haha! it only took me an hour so before you say ' you've got alot of spare time on your hands ' think again!.

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    The only thing I can say is: lol

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    "For Gondor!!!"

    that was class!

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    lol i have something simmiular... i'll post it up!

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    lol thats funny, the commentary by the armies "jolly good weather chaps" , "whose making the tea?", "good show".

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    Yeh post it up hellangel!. lol yeh i thought it would be funny having austrians speaking english.

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    BUMP wow it's been a while, shame they didnt support the game

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    The map on Piedmont was my dead mans hill, cant recall how many times I was close to destruction if it weren't for that hill to keep me going in the game.