Thread: Favourite Map/Level?

Favourite Map/Level?

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    Favourite Map/Level?

    In SP and MP

    For SP the first level where you drop in and just start fighting is enjoyable.

    MP I enjoy Two Martini's and Repair Bay.

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    For MP - Downtown Sai Kung
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    Hmm, I really like Wanchai Sewers. Surprisingly for such an enclosed level it's great for railing and Two Martinis is pretty kewl too

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    Huang Prison.

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    enlightened path for MP. and the same place for the SP. the place is just beautiful, specially in the SP.

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    Downtown Sai Kung is my favorite. Second is that Garden place.
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    SP: The Garage and rail-gun levels. I love stealth

    MP: Downtown Sai Kung (For practicing my Snipe and Rail-guning skills) and Wanchai sewers (I love how the sole health station is out in the open...and usually coated with seven-thousand mines...)
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    i would say downtown sai kung is so sweet to play a team death match .