Thread: Huge Graphic Problems! PC version

Huge Graphic Problems! PC version

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    I Have Just Started this what seems to be great game but i have huge grapichs problems i have an Radeon 9800 Pro graphichs card its totally unplayable.How do i solve this problem?
    A reaply would be really great!


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    Take a looksee at the general P:SB forum if you haven't already, as there seem to be some good ideas for dealing with certain compatibility and driver issues floating about there. Also, drop a line to tech support (who also cruise the forum so they will probably be monitoring this thread) and see how to fix it.
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    Thumbs Down Problems!

    I Still have Huge Grapichal problems whit this game I tried EVERY diver old&new ATI/OMEGA/NGO/DNA and its still the same you could play the first level whit no problems but in the second level you get MAJOR grapichs corruption so bad that is unplayable.Since i bought the damn game it would be nice if it would work.This is my system at the moment:
    AMD Athlon 64 3200+(Socket 754)
    512 MB D-DDR RAM
    WIN XP HOME whit SP2

    By the way its the ONLY game that dont work correctly and i read that others have some problembs too (Maybee its the game that is bug?)

    Please help me whit this?