Thread: Favorite level?

Favorite level?

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    Favorite level?

    Hey, what is your favorite level? Mine is probably the first level after you get the augs because its like a all out war. It was the most enjoyable level for me.

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    I like the railgun level B/C I got a huge army of spider bots to follow me around in it while I puffed a bong LOL
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    Least favorite level

    Dude, level 14 is making me nuts. I can't get past when the bots
    come out. How did you beat it. Forget the walkthrough. That's no help.

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    Chopper, are you referring to the fight with Yan Lo? If so try this: Unload with the Alt-fire of the Flechette. All of it. Go nuts 'cause the next level will give you plenty of ammo for it. Then when the spider-bots and walkers come out, whip out your H.E.R.F. and focus on them. The Flechette fire will keep Yan Lo off you while you do so. Honestly, I didn't even focus much on him before he died getting pinpricked to death by all the little bugs ^_^
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    i dont have a favourite level in snowblind because its so sudding crap. it deus ex without the extras, who the hell would want that

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    I love to just kill everything while i smoke a fatty laughing at how short this single plaer mode was muahahahahhahahah