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Sunday Night Xbox Race Results

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    Thumbs Up Sunday Night Xbox Race Results

    Please post results for sunday night races in this thread from now on. Only the results (as recorded by the host) are to be placed here. Comments can go in a separate thread as needed.
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    Sunday night double-trouble series results (3/20)

    Had a good turn out for both events tonight. Everything went rather smoothly, with the game not doing anything quirky like it so often does. Here are the results.

    We had a couple of new guys to the series and boy did they throw a wrench in the action....especially for me. Guys, we drive on the RIGHT side of the road in

    1. MIX_MASTER_ICE> 136
    2. FTR jdskater> 133 (we missed you on the race series)
    2. TheDeadJester> 133
    4. E Nice Geo> 119
    5. the assasin88> 110
    6. MastAbeam> 102 (nice series)
    7. Mirage24062> 97
    8. SDon1969> 91 (bad night for the Intimidator)
    9. JohnnyMac> 87
    10. TopGameTN> 86 (I hit TopGame almost as much as I hit Gandor)
    10. Jaybone919> 86
    12. Jacobs40k> 85
    13. Gandor> 73 (right side of the road,
    14. Khelgar> 44
    15. Nathan77> 38 (really tough series for you tonight)
    16. Amorden> 37 (another wanna be British driver)

    The race series was rather tight, with 7 guys in triple digits. Nice 2nd place finish for the assasin88.

    1. MIX_MASTER_ICE> 142
    2. the assasin88> 134 (nice run)
    3. SDon1969> 129 (the handicapped matches are holding Don back like a chain on a rabid pitbull)
    4. Jacobs40k> 121 (just out of the money)
    5. TopGameTN> 119
    6. TheDeadJester> 118 (nice place, considering you missed the first race)
    7. DJ UNO> 107 (this show starts at 8PM CST, so pull your head outta your butt,
    8. Mirage24062> 99 (just 2 points off from your kamikaze total)
    9. Jaybone919> 93
    10. JohnnyMac> 86 (thanks for brining the new guys, despite their driving habits)
    11. E Nice Geo> 79 (rough series after a nice kamikaze showing)
    12. Amorden> 63
    13. PLPNOTPP> 52
    14. Khelgar> 41 (wasn't khelgar an enemy of Godzilla in one of those movies?
    15. ZonatedGRIMM> 30 (new to me)
    16. Gandor> 29 (another creature from a Godzilla movie)

    That's another double-trouble event in the books. Be sure to catch SDon1969 on Wed. 8PM CST for some straight racing action. Nathan77 will also be hosting a 10 lap kamikaze series on Thurs. 8PM CST.