Thread: oh my god!

oh my god!

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    "oh my god!" WHAT?

    When you post - say what you are posting about

    For a start - your links are crap. I cannot get anything but a Dragonballz ad? IN SPANISH.


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    There are some new screenshots of IG.

    Anyway, I agree with Czar, you should say which is the reason of your post...
    great screenshots.

    In the same page, it says the game will go to stores by 29th April, I can't wait.

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    It certainly takes a good time for them to load... annoyingly it has to load the entire page before you can view any single picture.

    But i do wonder, resources etc for each country... since when does Uk outnumber France in population?? I thought it was closer to 1:3 for the French!
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    Please use "lord" instead of what you said in public. (Past experience)
    Thanks anyway. Finally got to see the tech tree.
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    Loads slooooooooooooooow. Will have them on TAFN in 15 minutes or so = very fast loading!!

    Thanks perrymason!!

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    loads too slow for me to bother, but I see that at last we get a release date.

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    Originally Posted by Dread_lahll
    loads too slow for me to bother, but I see that at last we get a release date.

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    I noticed on the sales site (that I got to through TAFN)that somebody played a demo; lets have it! I want demo , Also, they still don't list specific system requirements, all they list is the windows operating system, which I have (2000), but what about the processor?! Why can't they list all requiremts?! Sorry , got carried away. I really am happy it's finally coming together but I just don't know why they can't give a complete list of system requirements at this point.
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    That demo is probably an early preview version for magazines and game websites. The system requirements probably aren't finalised yet as there very well still may be some changes/tweaks to the engine and whatnot, that can increase or decrease the requirements.

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    The same magazine says that the game works well with:

    - A 1.3Ghz Processor
    - 512Mb RAM
    - Ti4200 (VGA)

    And even better but not too much with:

    - A 3Ghz processor
    - 1GB RAM
    - 6800 (VGA)

    It says that in both worked perfectly with all visual and gameplay options at max, in the first I said the only reduced some options but was not far from the second one configuration.