Just a reminder that I will be hosting our CnB Race Tournament at 9 pm Eastern Time as usual. You'll want a Sports car but all are welcome - we should be seeing a few new faces tonight as well as the regulars. I will have to surprise you all with the tracks, but you can expect plenty of L.A. and San Fran (*hint*).

And for those who have shown recent interest in joining us, here is the weekly schedule once again:
Wednesdays 9 PM EST, Host = SDon1969, Style = Racing any Class
Thursdays 9 PM EST, Host = BML 41, Style = Kamikazee
Fridays 8 PM EST, Host = Cyberwrat, Style = Various
Fridays 10 PM EST, Host = Spidermike, Style = Kamikazee
Sundays 9 PM EST, Host = Mix Master Ice, Style = Racing