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    Hi PC Clan Leaders! Looking for recruits? Advertise your clans here!

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    Formerly (currently?) of Deus Ex, UT 2k4. Waiting for PC. Contact us at if you are interested in a trial to join. You might want to practice a bit first.

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    Mar 2005

    We play in Deus ex and are looking forward to expansion into Snowblind (unfortunatley this has been slightly delayed because of the international release dates) and other games. We are looking for serious player who have a sufficient/above avarage level of skill. New recruits shall be given a trial. Contact us at

    More information about us can be found at have suffered a large loss of high quality players due to a attack on our forums

    note: new site is under construction)

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    Formerly of Deus Ex, now playing HaloPC, Halo2 and Project: Snowblind.
    Right now we're looking for good players who put fair play and a friendly atmosphere before winning (Dispite having two players in the top 5)
    You can contact me at or on msn at or at the forums

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    we are THZ (Thugz)
    we have 3 members now and they all are in the TOP15 (PC version)
    if anyone wanna join send e mail

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    Hello All....

    Just an update. [T] now has forums and are working on website.

    [T] Forums

    Anyone is welcome to register, not just those seeking to join [T]. Come on down.

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    You are searching a Project: Snowblind Clan to join...

    ...I'm currently on building up a new Clan:

    Project: Snowblind - Voodoo Clan Web Page

    beat the leader (AlphaVoodoo) once in a private match or apply with your stats and perhaps you receive your invitation.



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    Just posting the link to the SAS Website. It's a first effort by moonbaby of that clan, and it's not bad. All contact info can be found there.