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    Arrow Xbox Clan Recruitment

    Hi Xbox Clan Leaders! Looking for recruits? Advertise your clans here!

    Rules: (Posts not conforming to the rules could face deletion!)
    1.) This thread is for Xbox clans only!
    2.) Include contact information
    3.) One post per clan only!
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    here is my clan name:


    Send me an invite if you want to join.

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    the cappas are recruting send me friend request at spunkyrabbit thanks

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    Clan Senescence

    This is a clan for gamers 25 or older. If you are an elite gamer looking for high rankings then this is probably not the clan for you. Having fun is our most important rule. We currently have over 80 members and growing in Halo 2 and have recently branched out to Project:Snowblind and other clan supported games. Please go to and register on the website expressing your interest in our clan.

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    NoX recruiting

    #1 NoX clan recruiting cooperative, dedicated gamers who simply enjoy playing. PM me or find me online.

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    Apr 2005
    If anyone wants to join the #15 clan 665, just let me know.

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    Apr 2005
    Still looking for members for the clan 665. We currently have 9 members. We are looking for players that are dedicated to playing. I am not too picky on rank, since we have members ranging from #14 to #7500. You can find me on XBL with the gamertag bae924.

    Also, our clan rank is #9.

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    Apr 2005
    I have been accepted into NoX, so I will no longer be recruiting members for 665. I wish the best of luck for 665, which is now ranked 5th.

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    Smile :) ROGUE BEHRS recruting

    if you are 14 years or older and are good at halo 2 and halo 3 this the perfect clan for you.were all in a big group/team/squadron/what ever you want to call it called "sparten assault squadron 82" with in this big squadron theres 4 teams
    Infantry Assault Team:join this team if your good at small arms and clearing the way for the explosive ordnacne team to plant bomb.
    Sniper Assault Team join this team if you are good at snipers and only snipers.
    Tactical Support Team join this team if your realy good at driveing warthogs and specters and such only driveing.
    now our last teamExplosive Ordnance Team
    join this team if your good at gernades,rocket lauchers,assault bombs clearing rooms to get the flag.

    we have meetings every tuesday,thursday and sundays at 5:00 est FOR NOW that mite change

    you can earn diffrent ranks in this clan to like sar,saa,sa3,sa2,sa1,sac,sasc,and samc each one stands for sniper assault something its sounds complecated but its realy not

    we are about to start clan maches but im not sure when, but if we get more people we well do them allot faster

    we allso have custom clothing on the way such as shirts and allot more, but im not sure when it gets here we need more people

    if your wondering what my rank is and what team im in. im a sac "sniper assault chief" and im in sniper assault team

    last thing we do not tolerate any trashing talking to each other or other clans and we do not exepct applacations that say"im good at swiching teams and betraying them and im good i pwning noobs" if you say that in your applacation you will be banned from that site.

    finaly this is the home page to apply to ROGUE BEHRS see APPLACATIONS and GOT A QUESTION fourms.

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    FELIXjk007 here, just registered, so a hooj 'NOW THEN' to all who know me and BOSS clan is recruiting!! contact us at:

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    Smile 360 Degrees Fahrenheit

    If your looking for a clan to join but arnt sure about the whole clan thing we are perfect for you.
    I am the creator of 360DF and we always welcome new members.
    We where recently (this months issue) featured in the 360 gamer magazine.
    Our clan is open to as long as you are over 18.
    We dont care about ability,gender or age (apart form being over 18) we just like to game and have fun
    If you dont want to join us on our regular gaming nights then you can just use our forums which are updated every day and very active.
    We play Gears 1 and now 2, Cod 4 and soon 5, FIFA, Halo, GTA and basically any game we own.
    All our members are good fun and respect each other. Please take a look.
    Oh yeah it helps to have a sense of humour too.

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    Nov 2011


    I'm starting a new clan for girls preferably but boys are invited!

    My name is Katie. Please contact my on XBOX 360 with the gamertag xkac14x, by email:, or by text message 567-277-3348.

    I need:

    -Clan name

    -Clan Motto

    -Clan Co-leaders

    -Clan organizers

    The only requirements are:

    -A ratio of 1.00 or greater, if you are under that you may still be eligible but contact me by the things above.

    -HAVE to have a mic.

    -Have to be able to play with people in the clan at least once a week.

    Please please please give me a try! I'm trying to find people who can help me and I need you to help! Anyone is welcome.

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    Aug 2012

    Exclamation iiTz Clan

    iiTz clan

    Lookin for clan members who play mw3

    Add me if interested or want to talk plz leave a comment

    Preferably good players

    Add me on XBOX LIVE iiTz PRoDzZ 8D
    NOTICE 4 players will be put in to teams (my team) clan leaders team and co-leaders team


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    Dec 2012
    I'm looking for players to join clan "GLx" we are a halo and minecraft clan. We also play mass effect and borderlands requirements: must be at least 14. Must be pretty active. Add me (GLxDEVA5TATOR) on the Xbox if your interested

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    May 2014


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    Jun 2014

    New Jerse

    My designate is Alex and I am a Miamian.Having been born among this young (only 109 years old by this writing) and still growing community, I have,besides as a six-year linger amid Bogota, Colombia, lived within the Greater Miami district most of my life. I've witnessed the growth of South Florida's largest metropolitan district as immigrants from get out of the way the globe -Latin Americaand the Caribbean, mostly - have arrived along the hundreds of thousands and transformed Miami and its neighboring cities and municipalities, as the cliche goes, from a idle Southern tourist-oriented town into a bustling and vibrant Gateway to the Americas.
    In the 33 years since my small branch of the home (my mother older sister, and I) moved behind to the Miami region I have lived within as the old Chinese curse puts it, "interesting times." On the affirmative kill of the News Spectrum, I can claim to have cheered the Miami Dolphins never only during their yet-to-be surpassed Perfect Season of 1972 and the Dan Marino epoch from 1985 to 1999,but I likewise attended a regularFlorida Marlinsgame against the Cincinatti Reds) in 1997; a few months later the Marlins would win their firstWorld Serieschampionship.
    On the negative side of the News Spectrum, I've lived amongst two hurricanes that passed through Miami-Dade County - Andrew among 1992 and Irene among 1999, several racially-related riots, the phenomenon of "white flight" as anglos (non-bilingual English-speaking Americans) depart South Florida as a sequel of the growth of Miami's Spanish-speaking community and the growing influence of Cuban-Americans in politics and business affairs, and the resulting tensions among Miami's black citizens and the additional ethnic groups. And of lesson there are the additional African eyes of penury surrounded the community (until recently Miami was the fourth poorest enormous city among the nation) and the area's unfortunate connection apt the illicit narcotic commerce.
    I've likewise enjoyed - apt some degree - some of the same things maximum tourists come apt the Miami district to experience, i.e., shopping,fine places to visit, the beaches, and the blend of vary cultures that gives Miami its atmosphere of the "Casablanca of the Americas."
    Because the Greater Miami district is a quite huge region - covering much of Miami-Dade County - I'll just address a few issues almost the community amid which I live and occasionally work In a way this isn't so much a reiterate merely rather a general overview of the Miami area and some of its charms, quirks, and even flaws.
    1. No matter what some people say Miami is still an American metropolis All right, so Miami is a predominantly Hispanic city (with over 50 per penny of the population either bilingual alternatively Spanish-speaking only), and some neighborhoods emerge to have been transported out of Havana and onto Florida's sandy dishonor,but there are still much anglos left among South Florida. And whatever there want be stores - even amid medium-to-large shopping centers such as the Mall of the Americas - where never one employee speaks English, the story that not one within Miami speaks English is simply that, a fable I learned English as a second language within the early 1970s and it rapidly became my primary language; many immigrants from Cuba and other Latin American countries likewise matriculate among ESOL classes and assimilate as best they can,occasionally so thoroughly that they forget their Spanish unless they practice it by home. Of lesson there are so many Spanish-language radio and television stations - not to mention tremendous and small newspapers and magazines of always stripes - that some people simply don't discern any need to assimilate alternatively study English by always However,a cloud of Miamians still speak English.even if at intervals that's hard apt believe.
    2. Hurricanes are never common events among the South Florida region Despite the uptick in hurricane activity since Hurricane Andrew passed equitable south of Miami and wrecked part of the southern chapter of Miami-Dade County among 1992 , the region has only had two direct hits from those wet-and-wild windstorms: Hurricane Irene amid '99 and a "no-name" storm that buffet a few years antecedent Even 2004's four-hurricane whammy avoided hitting the Greater Miami district directly; highest of the period entire we got was rigid breezes and some squall lines from the hurricanes that buffet to our north. There was, of lesson a lot of stress from the constant media coverage; whether you are an available rattled individual who'll go bonkers once the TV and radio converge on the approaching storms and folk acquaint that panicky last-minute escape for hurricane supplies, you might absence apt visit the area forward August one and afterward October 30, which brand the beginning and kill of the hurricane season's peak weeks" of tropical storm activity.
    3. Crime isn't rampant everywhere, and tourists are relatively safe Although there was a "spike" of crimes opposition tourists a ten-year foregoing the Greater Miami district namely not as some would have you deem Paradise Lost as visitors. Yes, there are still criminals around of course and there are neighborhoods where there are hookers,anesthetic dealers, thugs, gang members, and petty thieves lurking around But maximum of us Miami area residents are normal and decent individuals who go and play and guide ordinary lives without hurting alternatively robbing anyone. The fact namely Miami and its surrounding communities have entire the problems of any metropolitan district - ranging from vehicle congestion apt unemployment and penury - and crime is one of them. If visitors are cautious and aware of their surroundings, chances are that their visit to the Magic City ambition be a amusement and safe one.
    Places to Go: Five of My Favorite Places apt Go With Out-of-Town Friends
    It's been a meantime since I've had a chance to go out on the town with friends from out of town; while I was seeing a woman who lived as a meantime surrounded Tampa we often went out with my friend Rogers to such places as Dadeland Mall's The Cheesecake Factory alternatively to Colombian restaurants such as El Rinconcito Paisa. When my finances were better and some of my Colombian relatives and friends would come up apt visit, we'd usually go apt some alternatively all of the following places:
    Bayside Marketplace: (Biscayne Blvd. & 4th Street, Miami, 305-577-3344)This 16-acre shopping area has a crowd of restaurants, retail stores, specialty stores, artisans, and a cloud of enterprising folks among maximal waterfront property.
    Miami Metrozoo (12400 S.W. 152nd St., Miami, 305-251-0400, From antelopes apt zebras with cuddly koalas somewhere within between this 290-acre replacement as the old Crandon Park Zoo dispenses with cages and allows visitors to enjoy lions, tigers, and bears (oh, my!) surrounded beautiful recreations of their natural habitats. Damaged onward Hurricane Andrew within 1992, Metrozoo is immediately better than ever. Best period to visit, of lesson,is the dry season between December and June.
    Fairchild Tropical Garden (10901 Old Cutler Road, Coral Gables, 305-667-1651, Although plagued along the theft of much of its ancient cycads, this living exhibit contains 83 acres of plants from bring an end to the Earth. With the exception of Christmas Day, the Fairchild namely open seven days a week. Great for nature lovers!
    Venetian Pool (2701 DeSoto Blvd., Coral Gables, 305-460-5356, Esther Williams swam here! Well, so did I,surrounded the shallow kill Though I've only gone once, I was impressed by this Venetian-styled lagoon which was carved out of hard coral rock within the 1920s. Even if your inn has aswimmingpool,if your schedule allows it,acquaint it a point to take a submerge within the Venetian Pool.
    Miami Seaquarium (4400 Rickenbacker Causeway, 305-361-5705, Still billed as the home of Flipper the dolphin (wouldn't he be pushing 50 along immediately and Lolita the killer whale, this is the area's largest marine-themed attraction. In addition apt friendly aquatic mammals (dolphins, orcas, seals, and manatees) there are foreign fish of entire sizes, including (humming theme from Jaws) sharks.
    Best Suited For: CouplesBest Time apt Travel Here: Dec - Feb
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