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Soldier Advancement

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    Soldier Advancement

    The Rifles are the best of the skirmishers, and the general army also has a type of "these guys advanced from these guys who advanced from these guys", so do your soldiers actually advance and become a different unit, some seperate and become a superior unit? or are you given units or pay for units?

    (sorry for being a noob, ill see what you all answer and ill go right on to read the FAQ)

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    Big Grin not sure pal

    maybe they just stay as riflemen and gain exp bonuses........... have to wait and see
    With the shield or on it

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    actually that wasn't such a noob question. ive been on this board since august and i don't know the answer to your question. We will just have to wait and hope to get the scoop on whatever is happening over at pyro.