Thread: nVidia Graphics corruption work-around

nVidia Graphics corruption work-around

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    nVidia Graphics corruption work-around

    Hi all:
    I got this game from a buddy who couldn't get it to work on his system (ATI Radeon 9800).

    Well... I couldn't get it to work on mine either... at first. I have a 6800 card (67.66b driver) and experienced the same graphics corruption as others have written about here.

    I tried all of the things suggested in the forums... to no avail... =(

    It seems I found (mostly by accident) a way to get it to run...

    1) Turn all graphics (resolution, image quality, & shadows) to the lowest settings.

    2) Save preferences and Exit the game back to the desktop.

    3) Restart the game, get to the missions screen, choose a mission (or continue one) at this point you will probably see... yet more garbage on the screen.

    4)Hit escape, go to prefs, choose a higher resolution than 640x480 and return to the game, you should now have a playable screen. I can turn all of the eye candy all the way up once I do this proceedure.

    When you exit the game (as in finished for the day) return all the graphics settings to low and save on exit, that way the next time you play it you won't have to exit and restart again.

    It worked for me, I hope this works for everyone else reading this!


    PS. Now I gotta figure out how to disarm the booby traps without ending up like a tossed salad... =(

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    Originally Posted by Rukee
    Hey that seems to have fixed it... Thanks