Crash N Burn Xbox Open Racing Results:

The latest round of Xbox open racing is over, and the results were a dominating victory for SDon1969. However, the battle for the other podium spots was fast and furious, going right down to the wire. Steveo5001 narrowly beat out CyberWrat to the runner-up spot, while behind them a furious fight for fourth place between FTR Jdskater, GMAN24, and BML 41 ended in Skater’s favor. Great racing, everybody! Starting the first week of February, we will be getting more tournaments for you. Yes, a number of inveterate Crash N Burn drivers will be taking over hosting duties. Those of you who complained that you the rooms were filling too fast and you couldn't get in to race have been heard. Now, you will get more opportunities to race! And the results will still be posted here and on our site. More information to come!

Event Standings:

1 SDon1969 Score: 78
2 steveo5001 Score: 66
3 cyberWRAT Score: 64
4 FTR Jdskater Score: 57
5 GMAN24 Score: 54
6 BML 41 Score: 52
7 Dr Whistler Score: 49
8 GraySnow Tiger Score: 46
9 Nathan77 Score: 41
10 Labonte1818 Score: 37
11 mach42006 Score: 36
12 TopGameTN Score: 33
13 HomerRamone2084 Score: 31
14 Spidermike Score: 30
15 JohnnyMac Score: 27

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