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    Napoleon In Europe

    was on amazon a while ago and stumbled across a board game called "Napoleon in Europe." Has anyone played this game before or heard anything(positive or negative). From the reviews ive read it looks like a lot of fun but i want another opinion before i blow 60 dollars on this game.

    thanks in advance

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    It's extremely good. It has a basic mode to allow you to get to grips with the simpler concepts of the game, then you can overlay that with advanced rules that include a very elegant diplomacy model and a battle-system that 'feels' in-period. You have a separate battlefield board for major engagements which is very cool. Plus it has a huge board and loads of pieces (I am a sucker for pieces).

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    I agree. It's a good game. I prefer the Avalon Hill games and now OSG games on the Napoleonic Wars, the Struggle of Nations series.
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    thanks for your responses i hope that i will be able to buy it soon (heard something about it being reprinted or something though so i may have to wait a while)

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    Not that it matters, as you have been told,but I thought I would add even more weight behind the support of this game. It's really good and really fun to play, although I think England is too powerfull, but hey....thats why I like playing against them. Pick it up, and try to have at least 3 others play with ya....blast!

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