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Thread: Charged Reaver

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    Charged Reaver

    How do you charge the reaver to open the doors with shelds. And how do you open those doors in the first place. Also I'm
    the point where after kain comes to the first sheild doors, I leave the door and go to the courtyard, I kick open the big door jump
    the gap, what do I do next? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!

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    Some of them need special items to be returned to the Malek statue, the ones with the reavers skull on just need you to find the balance emblem. It's where William the Just and the Reaver were in SR2. There's a pillar supporting a ledge somewhere where I think you are. Use TK to break that and if you're found the combat training area you're heading the right way. There should be some archers on a wall that you can't quite reach just before the area.

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