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    I'm stuck at the first stage of the game as Kain. I kill the two gaurds, what do I do next.

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    Ouch.. stuck already???

    First jump onto the platform at the end of the path, then jump up to the ledge that hangs out from the left wall...

    then get a lot of food near your tv, a nice warm blanket, and a piss jar... because you have one long, long, long adventure ahead of you... and a lot of frustrations as well.

    good luck.

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    Greetings, xarafu and welcome to the community!

    The contents of this thread have been copied and merged with the Chapter One Gameplay Help Thread and we ask that you continue this discussion there.

    Additionally, should you find that you need assistance with future chapters of Defiance, please take notice of the LOKD Gameplay Help Archive which will direct you to the appropriate chapter-related threads.


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